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14 of June, 21:32

Georgia is trying to recover from the floods
Maggie Kikaleyshvili. The Georgian authorities are resisting With the results of natural disasters in Tbilisi, during which final figures killed twelve, 24 are still missing, destroyed almost all of the zoo animals and liquidated.

MOURNING in Georgia

Heavy rain With hail and wind lasted in Tbilisi on the night of Sunday a couple of hours, but it was enough to damage buildings, the sinking of houses and the destruction of the zoo. From stream beds came a small river of Faith, which managed to destroy the So-called "new track" and sink on site all the houses. Experts believe that another reason for the disaster was coming down the landslide that blocked the river gorge Faith, and created the artificial reservoir. Upon written request of the employees of the administration of Vake district, no residential houses remained 266 people who moved to safe place. At the instruction of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, all affected families will be given a compensation of 10 thousand lari (about 4, 5 thousand dollars).

In all regional administrations Interested in bring clothes and food, which are transmitted to affected residents of Tbilisi. Also created a special website where all the victims had the opportunity to write About the required assistance. The Minister of Finance of Georgia Nodar Khaduri said that his Ministry will give the needy a portion of the inventory Department.

Garibashvili has established an emergency headquarters, coordinated by the Council crisis management and security of the government of Georgia. At the meeting of the headquarters on Sunday it was announced about the fact that fifteen of June will be considered in Georgia a day of mourning in memory of the victims of the floods. According to the Prime Minister, all ministries With an individual plan attached to the settlement of consequences of natural disasters.


The situation Of the victims of the city's residents changed every hour during the whole day. On final official data, victims of the disaster became twelve, eleven Of them were identified. Furthermore, Georgian media often write About discovered new bodies.

The head of the MIA of Georgia Vakhtang gomelauri said officially considered missing 24 people and rescue service intensively continue their search.

Minister of health David Sergeenko said that the destruction of different severity were 37 people who were brought to medical uredinia in the hospital.

While continuing the evacuation of people From the valley of the river of Faith and of the adjacent territory. Cleaning work is carried out in 24-hour mode. Road traffic in Tbilisi is half blocked until the completion of all necessary works.

The TRAGEDY at the ZOO

The epicenter of the devastating floods became the Tbilisi zoo. Within the zoo found the bodies of workers. During the disaster on the spot many animals died and more than 30 predators, among them lions, tigers, wolf, hippopotamus, bears, ran out Of the cages and wandering around the city. In the administration of the zoo revealed that only the ZOO was home to over 600 inhabitants, and more than fifty percent of these were victims of the disaster.

Wandering around the city the animals most commonly eliminated Employees of special services. This has caused concern of the administration and residents and animal advocates. Zoo Director Zurab Gurgenidze said that some escaped From the zoo animals were eliminated by special forces unnecessarily. According to his statement, he would require to give him explanations on this issue.

in Tbilisi city hall told that the issue of the transfer of the zoo's center of Tbilisi on the outskirts of the city moved to the active phase of processing. This issue, the Georgian authorities are discussing more than one year.


Element in Georgia was the main topic of the day in the world. Countries OFFER THEIR humanitarian and material ASSISTANCE.

in the administration of the zoo reported that the zoos from different countries made the proposal to help victims of the flooding of the Tbilisi zoo and they are grateful to them.

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has made the initiative of Georgia's AID in the destruction of the flood consequences in a disaster zone, ready to fly more than 100 rescue workers with special equipment and gear.

The European Commission (EC) has made a proposal of Georgia the European ASSISTANCE in overcoming the consequences of floods in Tbilisi.

"We are in cooperation With the Georgian authorities and stands ready to assist the country in response to that disaster, which claimed lives, caused serious harm to the Moscow infrastructure and disrupted the work of the key services ", - is informed in the report.

About the readiness to help in the destruction of the flood said the residence of the U.S. Ambassador in Georgia. Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan held During a Sunday afternoon phone conversation with his Georgian counterpart Irakli Garibashvili made the initiative of promoting the Armenian side and ordered the Minister of territorial administration and emergency situations Armen Eritsian to continue cooperation With the Georgian colleague to assist, If necessary, appropriate assistance.

Ex-President of Georgia, head of the Odessa state administration Mikhail Saakashvili said that the Ukrainian emergency services are ready to assist the Georgian authorities.


The exact number caused by the hurricane damage is still calculated, but imprecise data harm is defined in almost $ 23 million.

Experts report that the most severe flooding in modern history of Georgia. With such casualties and damage, not marked.

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