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2 of July, 14:30

In Kiev decided to make a second Museum " Soviet occupation "
The permanent Commission of the Kyiv city Council on culture and tourism supported the project, according to which in the Ukrainian capital will occur the Second Museum dedicated to the " Soviet occupation ", said the party " UDAR ".
"The place until not found, but first We wish this Museum was in the territory of the National complex" Expo center (VDNKH). Currently the area is in public ownership. For this reason, it is first necessary to resolve procedural issues, " the news Agency the message of the Deputy head of the Commission, Valentine Andrievskii from the message of the party
However, in Kiev already has a Museum with the same name, which is located on the street Stelmakh, d. 6-A and has existed since 2003. It is noted that a sharp reversal in ideology has become a headache for Ukrainian Museum workers. Recently the Director of Chernihiv historical Museum named after. V. Tarnovsky, head of the Ukrainian National Department of the international Council of museums Sergey Laevsky told about how hitrosti has to go his staff to defend themselves of accusations of " sovietness ". Scientists unmounts the stained glass with the image of red flags, " sew " the bas-reliefs with the profile of the commanders of the red Army during the Civil war, Refine the concept of the exposition." Sovietism " of our Museum, with the critics, is the presence of a red flag in the hall, which tells about the history of the 20-30-ies of the last century. In addition, we are accused of being in the Museum a lot of attention is given to the Second world war, the Soviet-German component ", - told the Director." To completely remove the term "Great Patriotic war" We can't, " complains Laevsky.- Because in all the documents that we have exhibited, used such name ". However, the " new term - the German-Soviet war, as part of the Second world war, gradually as in a research environment and in household ", he said. When Laevsky acknowledged the difficulties posed by the present authorities of the problem." Western Ukraine has a somewhat different history, and other consequences of the Soviet regime. But the museums of East and Dnipro of Ukraine will have to change much, " he says. In the Museum, according to his statement, " have already started working on the concept for future exposure, which should take into account the history of Ukraine without regard to the fact that She was part of the Russian Empire And then the Soviet Union. It will be the history of Ukraine is Ukrainian. It will be different from the history of Ukraine from the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union." In the new conditions of Scientific Workers of the Museum are looking for " a fresh study of the Hetmanate era, the period of the Ukrainian revolution and the Ukrainian resistance to Soviet occupation ", " the proposals On the service of the citizens of Chernihiv in the Ukrainian insurgent Army* "." Our exposition, by itself, will not be focused on the fact that the Soviet Union Is evil and everything was bad, " admitted the Director of the Museum.- We will give our visitors the opportunity to assess our past. It's not easy, because the overwhelming number of our employees were born in the Union and we ourselves have to go through This is a reimagining of the story that We know what we have internalized ". Recall that in Ukraine in the framework of the struggle with the Soviet past more than a year continues the dismantling and destruction of monuments. Radicals began to tear down the monuments to Lenin in Ukraine since December 2013. Fifteen of may 2015, the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law On decommunization which ban Soviet symbols, recognise the illegal Communist regime, recognize UPA* fighters for independence of the country, And the Great Patriotic war, the date the order only be called the Second world.
* Organization, relative to which a court has adopted the legally effective conclusion Of destruction or prohibition of the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law "On countering extremist activity"

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State Historical Museum Raghib Nasretdinovich
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Kiev is planning in 2018 to expand broadcasting in Crimea

16 of December, 17:04

Kiev is going to make a wider broadcast of the Ukrainian TV and radio channels in the Crimea, said a member of the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio Sergey Kostinsky.

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In DND stated that the security forces underestimate the number of casualties in the Donbass

16 of December, 15:04

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