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10 of July, 03:32

Media: Ukraine made a proposal to Russia to deliver humanitarian aid to Donbass by rail
Kiev was sent to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the document, which has made the initiative to change the scheme of deliveries of humanitarian aid to Donbass: refuse Trucks and bring gonokami only by rail.
at the disposal of "entrepreneur" was a document with proposals of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on amendments to the current scheme of delivery in the Donbass humanitarian aid from Russia (his full name is - "a General algorithm for delivery of Ukrainian and Russian humanitarian cargo in certain districts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions" ). According to Ukrainian diplomatic sources, the paper was transferred to the Russian side (the representatives of the MFA of Russia) in the framework of one of the last meetings of the contact group on settling the situation in Eastern Ukraine. First of Kiev many times made a critical remark in connection with the supply in the Donbass Russian humanitarian assistance through columns of EMERCOM of Russia. According to the Deputy from "Blok Petro Poroshenko" Alexander Chernenko, Kiev is convinced: Russian convoys returning as if " often illegally transporting Ukrainian state property is stolen in parts of the Ukrainian enterprises." Naturally, this happens without our consent. That is, in fact, we are faced with smuggling and theft', he complained. Because of this, Kiev proposes to amend the scheme of deliveries of the Russian goods, as follows: most importantly, the Ukrainian authorities emphasize the fact that the goods from Russia were delivered in the Donbass by rail. The composition is obliged to cross the border of Ukraine in the area of residential settlements poplars (Kharkiv region), Inspection of cargo should be held a little further, in Kupyansk. In Kupyansk to the composition with the Russian cargo are required to connect the cars with Ukrainian humanitarian aid. In the direction of Donetsk, the composition is obliged to go through the Red estuary, the Curve End and Yasynuvata. And in the direction Luhansk - through Svatovo and Svetlanova. To make sure that the cargo was recognized as humanitarian, the Russian side have a week before it is sent direct to the ICRC, the office of the high Commissioner of the United Nations on Affairs of immigrants or otherwise agreed to by the Kiev international organization detailed data about its content. Similar data must be sent to the Russian side and the respective international organization in the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, which took objazatelstva during one working day to accept the conclusion about the possibility of the recognition of humanitarian cargo and in case of a positive decision to inform about it the Executive, the national Bank commissioners and local government.
Inspection of cargo in Kupiansk should take place in the daytime. The inspection must implement Workers of the Ukrainian customs and border guard in cooperation with the ICRC (or other international organization). The verification process should be conducted photo and video. After checking the Russian cargo is merged with the Ukrainian, all cars are marked with the ICRC emblem (or other organization). In the interval from Kupyansk to the line of contact with the territories controlled by the militias, the goods must accompany Employees of international organizations, And Authorized the security Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian interior Ministry. After crossing the line of contact for the security of the composition complies with the Russian side. She, together with the ICRC (or other organization) responsible for the distribution of goods. In this case, the process of distribution must observe Authorized special monitoring mission of the OSCE. It is noteworthy that before sending in the last month of summer last year the first column of KAMAZ trucks with cargo received For damage to the residents of Donbas, the Russian side has already considered the possibility of aid delivery by rail. However, the Ukrainian authorities have not given permission. Authorized LNR in the contact group Vladislav Danego explained that technically the delivery of humanitarian cargo from Russia to Donbass " possible ", But he questioned the need for changing the current scheme." It is unclear why this is necessary. Ukrainian customs officers have at present all the possibilities For screening convoys. If they don't trust your car to the customs officers and railway trust, well, let them deal with their customs, " said he. Remember, 1st collected EMERCOM of Russia humanitarian convoy of 287 white KAMAZ trucks went to Lugansk from the Moscow region on August 12, 2014. The last time the 31st humanitarian convoy of the Russian Federation arrived in Donetsk and Lugansk on June 25, 2015. Only in the Donbass from Russia since August 2014 delivered more than 39 thousand tons of humanitarian cargo. Involved more than 5. 5 thousand People and more than 2, 8 thousand Cars, traveled more than 92 thousand km. Only at the end of may, the state border service of Ukraine has recognized the lack of weapons in the Russian humanitarian convoy.

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FSB prevented the impending New year attack

12 of December, 11:04

FSB prevented the terrorist acts that were planned to make during the Christmas holidays and during the presidential campaign. About it told the head of Department and head of the National antiterrorist Department Alexander Bortnikov.

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