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1 of September, 20:31

The public man Italy: the tragedy in Beslan has turned thousands of lives
Natalia Shmakov. The Beslan tragedy, which occurred eleven years ago, changed the life of thousands of People not only in North Ossetia and Russia, but also in the world, says the head of the Italian charity Association Aiutateci a Salvare i Bambini Onlus ( "Help save the Children" ) Ennio Bordato, who sent a letter to the mayor of Beslan on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack in an urban high school? 1.

"It has been eleven years since the terrible tragedy in Beslan, but her memory alive. Our Association Today, as then, still close to all the citizens of the city and shares their deep Pain. The pain of mothers and fathers of Beslan, grandparents, brothers, sisters, spouses and friends, all Ossetian people Today, like every day of the year, is our pain, " wrote Bordato, which is an honorary citizen of Beslan.

"There is no pain worse, deeper than your Pain. Today, after eleven years since the events that changed the lives of thousand People in Beslan, Ossetia, in Russia and in the world, we don't stop to remember, continue to be with you. To remember and share the Pain to be very close to you, " adds the head of the charity Association.

Remembering the victims of the Beslan tragedy, Bordato touched upon the topic of the Ukrainian fall, noting in a private letter that currently Aiutateci a Salvare i Bambini Onlus helps children and victims of Donbass, which, as in Beslan, are " victims of the infamous war against the peaceful and innocent civilians ".

first it was claimed that in March in Italy is experiencing the street Children of Beslan in the town of Campo San Martino (Campo San Martino) is located in the Northern Italian region of Veneto. The ceremony in Campo San Martino participated the most well-known politicians and public figures of Italy, for example, the head of the Veneto region Luca ZAIA, the leader of the party " Northern League ", people's Deputy of the European Parliament Matteo our Salvini, head of the public Association " Help save the Children ", an honorary citizen of Beslan Ennio Bordato.

A group of terrorists numbering more than 30 people invaded the school? 1 in Beslan on 1 September 2004 during the holiday lineup in connection with the beginning of the school year. The terrorists herded into the school gym more than 1,000 hostages, among them young Children. People forcibly detained in a school setting 3 days, not giving them water and food.

About noon on 3 September, the school was approached by a car with four emergency workers who had to pick up the bodies of dead terrorists men. At this point in a school setting there was an explosion, and then both sides started indiscriminate firing, and formed in the wall of the gym began to break out children and women (almost all hostages-men, the Terrorists shot the first two days).

the victims of the tragedy were 334 people, and among them, 318 hostages, of which 186 were children. Lost his life also ten employees of special troops of FSB of Russia, two employees of MES and fifteen policemen. Injured were 810 hostages, employees of special purpose of the FSB, police and soldiers.

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"Angarsk maniac" will be judged on 60 new episodes

15 of December, 07:04

"Angarsk maniac" Mikhail Popkov, will stand trial on charges of committing another 60 criminal attacks on the lives of people, said Last news official authorized IC of Russia Svetlana Petrenko.

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15 of December, 06:04

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