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12 of September, 01:32

UK on the first day of the weekend finds the name of the new leader of the opposition
Maria Tobacco. Labour party of great Britain on the first day weekend morning will name its new head.

With great probability it will be the people's Deputy of the house of Commons Jeremy Corbin. All surveys the opinions of a large number of citizens will prognoziruyut convincing victory Corbin, who for this we need to recruit more than 50% of voters came to the polls. In the elections of So-called alternative voting system: in case no one will win 50% of votes are redistributed among the other candidates as long as long as someone does not obtain the majority.

Just a post of the leader of the opposition opposed by four policies: in addition to Corbin, it's shadow health Minister Andy Burnham, shadow interior Minister Yvette Cooper and Deputy shadow health Minister Liz Kendall.

It is noteworthy That early in the race for the post of chief labour Corbin was in last place: he managed to enlist the support of the right to participate in elections 35 deputies of the Parliament just a few minutes before the expiration deadline of June fifteen.

Since then, Corbin, who has been calling himself a socialist, has achieved great success largely due to the very active campaigns: most of his supporters specially entered in the labor party to Express support for their candidate in the elections.

As a socialist, He advocated the abolition of fees for higher education in England, for the nationalization of Railways, the increase in income tax for the most wealthy Inhabitants and enterprise taxes. He managed to discover a approach to trade unions, initially sympathized Bernama.

The labour leader repeatedly stated That they wished to see Britain a Republic, Although it was noted That At the moment the big issue is not important.

Corbin is a supporter of the unification of Ireland, He had been subjected to attacks from party members for overly trusting relationships With the leaders of the Irish Republican army.

As to the relationship Corbin to another key issue - the UK's membership of the EU - it seems to be ambiguous. During the last debate of the candidates for labour's leaders Corbin took a position different from the points of view of three other candidates: He said That the EU had "serious questions" and among them about How the European Union appealed To the people of Greece, making the country to pursue a policy of savings. Also Corbin doubted That the EU acts in the interests of ordinary working people. These phrases are allowed the independence Party leader Nigel Farage to Express the hope That Corbin will become the leader of the labour party and, together With him, Farage will fight for the country's withdrawal from the EU. The recent emergence of information about the fact That in the referendum of 1975 Corbin voted for the withdrawal of Britain from the European economic brotherhood, spawned a wave of speculation That when he became labour leader, He will join the campaign, " No ", calling for the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU.

Although foreign policy issues in the campaign were secondary to declare certain facts about the fact That Corbin is the most favorable candidate for the Russian Federation. In 2014 Corbin was printed in the Morning Star publication which placed the responsibility for the crisis in Ukraine on NATO and the USA, and Russia's actions have called the result of provocation from the West. The expansion of NATO, said Corbin then, steadily entails expansion from Russia, as well As Vice versa.

regardless of who wins the election, the task of the coming leader will be very tough. After the catastrophic defeat of the labour party in the General election in may and the triumphant return of the conservatives to one-party government of former opposition leader ed Miliband had no choice but to resign.

in his place was intended Harriet Harman, now acting head, but she didn't want to take part in the battle for the chair.

The new head of the labour Party is supposed, really, to revive her, to return her lost ideology and supporters. Currently in the Party there is No unity on key issues, as well as among them in relation to the upcoming 2017 referendum on membership of Britain in the EU, in the negotiations on the reform of the European Union, on the problem of recombination of powers between the Central government and the regions, on the issue of Northern Ireland, as well as on a range of foreign policy issues, and among them, concerning events in Ukraine and policy of the Russian Federation.

Fantastic victory in the elections gave the ruling Conservative Party a serious trump cards, which are not only practical expression as possible, it is easy enough to push through the necessary legislation in Parliament, but also psychological. So, Cameron, conducting dialogues With European leaders about changing the conditions of Britain's membership in the EU, it seems to us That the British gave him a "mandate" to conduct these negotiations.

in the labor party there is No such mandate, and therefore the question is What they will choose a new Leader in the form the basis for a new party ideology, will be the determining factor in the elections of 2020.

sections: Politics

Thalmann, Ernst, leader of the German and the international labor movement. (Ernst Thцєlmann)
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The su-34 bombers returned to Khabarovsk Krai from Syria

14 of December, 10:04

The su-34 bombers returned to the Khabarovsk territory from Syria, said the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence.

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From the ISS undocked "Soyuz MS-05" with three astronauts

14 of December, 09:04

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