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2 of October, 22:33

Sands: Poroshenko during the negotiations in Paris did not mention the name Ukrainka Savchenko
In the process of negotiations leaders "channel four" in Paris, the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko did not mention the name of the Ukrainian citizen Nadiya Savchenko, said the President's press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.
According to Peskov, "the topic of the Amnesty was discussed, it was emphasized that during elections, without a doubt, the participants have the opportunity to be persecuted and do not have the opportunity to be objects of criminal or other prosecution, "reports RIA" Novosti "." Surname Savchenko and others were mentioned by President Poroshenko, what was given to statements that in the course of the trial it is impossible to talk about anything, without waiting for the completion of this trial and the verdict of the court ", - has said.
in General, Peskov said that the leaders of the Normandy format " agreed on the understanding that there is no alternative comprehensive implementation of the Minsk agreements "." Some interpretations of certain paragraphs or pulling out of context ? " ? he added. However, Tuesday Nadezhda Savchenko During her interrogation in the court rejected the arguments of the investigation about the fact that She entered the Russian Federation under the guise of a refugee, and told his version of what happened. According to the defendant, representatives of Russia gave the militia, who took her prisoner before eventually organized their ambush. During questioning in court She admitted that he gave orders to the gunners where to shoot, but doesn't think it's the adjustment of fire. She also admitted that he killed people who threatened her and her homeland During the hostilities. Last week, one way or another, Savchenko has denied the charges of belonging to the death of the Russian correspondents, and civilians in the Donbass. Fifteen September, the court extended for six months the detention Savchenko. At the same time the official authorized IC of Russia Vladimir Markin said on irrefutable evidence of guilt Savchenko, and Also denied her kidnapping by the Russian special services. Savchenko was transferred from Moscow remand prison in Rostov region in mid-July. Then the court had to begin the preliminary hearing, but this was prevented by treatment of the defendant. She appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia with the petition to transfer the case from Donetsk, Rostov region. In her vision, the Russian authorities not able to provide her safety and the safety of other participants of process in a place like Donetsk, which, in its expressions, is a " turntable base Pro-Russian terrorists ". On August 21, the Rostov regional court the petition Savchenko did not support and left the case in Donetsk. The verdict of the court the defence and the prosecution to appeal. Savchenko was arrested in Russia, in early July of last year. According to the Russian investigators, Savchenko was a spotter fire under fire in Ukraine correspondents VGTRK Anton Voloshin and Igor Kornelyuk, who Then died. She faces up to 25 years of imprisonment.

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Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton)
Lesya Ukrainka
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Antonov cited the positive example of joint work between Russia and USA

18 of December, 04:04

Successful prevention of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg, because of information received from CIA

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Sebastian piц?era for the second time will be headed by Chile

18 of December, 03:04

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  • Antonov cited the positive example of joint work between Russia and USA
  • Sebastian piц?era for the second time will be headed by Chile
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  • Putin and trump called in Petersburg prevented the terrorist attack as an example of cooperation
  • In Kiev ended a rally of supporters of Saakashvili
  • The CIA gave Russia information about the militants preparing attacks in St. Petersburg
  • Saakashvili's supporters tried to seize October Palace in Kiev
  • In Dagestan during special operation eliminated the leader of the militants
  • From Baikonur started "Union" with a new international crew
  • The former head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine commented on the letter to President Saakashvili

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