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19 of October, 10:02

Ukrainian TV channels was forbidden to show the handshake of Putin and Poroshenko
A former producer of TV channel "112 Ukraine" Viktor Zubritsky said that the administration of the President of Ukraine demanded that the channel NOT to show on air the video of the handshake Petro Poroshenko And Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Paris.
"October 2, before the summit" Norman four " in Paris Poroshenko shook hands with Putin. I'm NOT going to understand right or wrong. I will speak about the responsibility of the President. Now Putin Poroshenko shook your hand, but wished that the Ukrainians did NOT know. And strangely all TV channels of Ukraine did NOT notice this event. The TV channel " 112 Ukraine ", showing all the news objectively, was preparing to air. And so began a flurry of calls from the President's office And "relevant services" for the illegality of displaying handshake in the air, " wrote Zubritsky in own Facebook.
"Yes, you heard right. They called NOT Poroshenko, NOT Putin shook hands, They called on the channel that the channel didn'T show it. And the channel can'T show. This is a public act of the President. Only Poroshenko full responsibility for their public actions NOT laid on their own shoulders, And oddly enough - on the TV channel " 112 Ukraine ", - said the Former producer." Poroshenko does NOT like NOT Only the freedom of speech, true, but for some the mere existence of " different opinion ". It makes it difficult to loot And take away the last of the country Ukraine, taking away a future for the people of Ukraine, " He said." this is why Poroshenko was used, with the help of his minions, from April 2015, ordinary stocks tyrant: hazard elimination, hazard initiation/closure of criminal cases, forced the sale of the channel, the risk of deprivation the digital license, And then start the procedure of deprivation. And the channel didn'T listen And all the countless calls, SMS, letters And requirements of the office of the President did So, according to the dictates of journalistic ethics And objective coverage of events in the country, " said Zubritsky." This latest denial "is NOT to demonstrate his grip" resulted in the fact that on the last working day of the week 16 October, a Ukrainian court has given permission (within one month) to carry out a search on the TV channel "112 Ukraine" And seize all computers, digital media, Etc. in Other words - to carry out technical events on stop channel. On what basis? They thought long and hard since may - how to close the channel. And he has forged - article 209 of the criminal code of Ukraine ", - He said. He said, because This is an article about resolution (laundering) of the parish of money received by a criminal way." Publicly accompanying an "investigation" put " result ", besides publicly in a deadlock, " - said Zubritsky." similarly, in the minds of these "Democrats" rising to the throne on the blood of the " Heavenly Hundred ", the detention of the chief And the owner of the TV channel - Andrew Podsypku ", - He wrote. During the meeting of heads of States "channel four" in Paris head of the French Republic Francois Hollande placed in a private account in instagram a short video showing the moment of shaking the hand of presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin And of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. VIDEO

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The Kremlin said the timing of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

11 of December, 16:04

The withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria is " one day ", said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

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Russia withdraws troops from Syria

11 of December, 14:04

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