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26 of October, 12:25

The best positions for conception
Today among the youth of today have a focus on family planning and children. Couples want to build their own lives on pre-approved scenario: to get married, to get apartments, have a well paid job and have children.

It is likely that this time management will be better because both partner will be psychologically attuned to the birth and upbringing of your child.

However to conceive a baby at once the desire comes not always. In such hands, you can use a variety of ways, contributing to the fertilization of an egg. For example, experiment with a partner, learn the best positions for conceiving a baby.

The choice of poses for conception

Body position during sex in which is achieved the best state for the fusion of egg with sperm, were not fictitious.

Effective postures for conceiving a baby is designed by scientists-gynecologists, specializing in reproductive functions inhabitant of our planet.

Often a suitable position for fertilization is dependent on the anatomy of the genital organs. In consequence, if you are experiencing problems, pain during intercourse, consult a gynecologist. Experienced expert to determine personal structure of the body and advise suitable for conception poses.


This pose can be called the knee-elbow: the fairer sex is based on the knees and elbows, slightly lifting the pelvis. In this position, the penis is oriented directly to the cervix and can penetrate deep into the woman's womb, and the high position of the pelvis prevents spillage. The pose can be slightly modified. Then the lady need to remove the support from the elbows and lie down on the abdomen, leaving the lower body in the same position. Upon completion of sexual intercourse hold this pose for a while or lie down on your stomach. The knee-elbow position comfortable for ladies that have displacement or bending of the uterus. According to popular superstition, the fertilization in this position, most frequent boys.

"The missionary position"

In this position the partners are in the traditional posture, when the representative of strong sex is lying on his back on a lady. Missionary position is comfortable and provides a thorough invasion, if in the structure of the genital organs not anything unusual or cervix stays above it. After sex to achieve the ultimate result the lady must execute a procedure "birch". Keep your feet in a vertical position, for convenience, you can put a pillow under the buttocks.


Partners lie on your side or facing each other, or the representative of the stronger sex hugging a lady from behind. In this situation the partner is able to control the tempo and force of frictional movements.This posture is recommended when the deviation of the uterus to the right or to the left. In addition, the female to lie on that side, which focuses the cervix. Therefore the sperm can linger in the vagina. After intercourse lie on your right side.

"The General"

Another pose, which promotes conception. The lady lies on her back, legs and throws on your partner's shoulder. Without changing the position of the body, the lady can widely spread his legs in the air. During intercourse, the representative of the stronger sex can caress a lady, giving her more pleasure. A horizontal pelvis is the fairer sex is conducive to sperm penetration.

"I want a girl"

The title of the postures corresponds to the desire of a couple to conceive a girl. To achieve the desired result, the lady sits on top of a supine man. In addition 1 of its leg behind the thigh of the male, and the 2nd between his legs. 1 her hand lying on his knee, the other dwells on the male chest. In this position the initiative takes on a partner.

It should be noted that to have sex in the positions described are not necessarily on the bed. Try to achieve pleasure on the couch, the Ottoman, the table and so on

Increase the likelihood of getting pregnant lovemaking with your partner during the days of ovulation, when the egg is ready for fertilization and is released from the ovary into the abdominal cavity. These days, the sperm have the best chance to merge with the women's cell. To qualify ovulation can be on distinctive physiological signs, a calendar calculation, rapid test, and in the office of the gynecologist. Conception most likely will occur within 5 days before ovulation and 1 day later. In addition, it is calculated that the maximum activity of the sperm is reached about 5 o'clock in the evening.

Obstacles to conception

From among a huge variety of sexual poses highlight the ones that prevent deep invasion of the male body in a woman's body and the sperm of the uterus. In most cases, in this position of the bodies of the partners, after orgasm the male sperm follows from a vagina under the influence of gravity.

These include sitting postures, during which the pelvis gets little circulation. As well as when standing position the cervix is at the top, even when active ejaculation, the sperm may not reach his goal.

However it is impossible to think that the sex in these positions will protect you from unwanted pregnancy. Only modern methods of contraception can guarantee the highest degree of protection. On the motor activity of sperm negatively affected the sexual intercourse with the use of lubricants, in hot bathroom or the pool. High temperature, chlorine-containing preparations, fragrant foams and shampoos for bath make male sex cells fixed and reduce the possibility of conception.

All efforts to conceive a baby can be useless if partners are psychologically tuned in the negative. There is no need to worry, it will be possible or not to achieve the goal. For starters, you need to get pleasure from the partner. Positive impressions and favourable posture will eventually lead to the desired result, and soon you will say: "Honey, we're getting a baby!"

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