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16 of November, 15:32

Klitschko "knocked out" opponent in the 2nd round of elections of the mayor of Kiev
The leader of the Pro-presidential party "Block of Petro Poroshenko" Solidarity ", the acting Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko on the results of voting in the 2nd round of elections of the mayor of the capital of Ukraine, yesterday Officially declared the winner of an electoral race.

according to the results of calculations of the Kyiv city electoral Commission of 100% of the original protocols, Klitschko scored 66, 5% of the votes, his competitor, non-faction people's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, former spokesman of the extremist organization "Right sector" Borislav Bereza received a 33, 5%.

Victory Klitschko in the 2nd round was expected. For Birch, which is literally a young politician, the Second round is already considered a great achievement.

before the law provided for the election of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital in one round. Now, according to the amendments, the elections are held in 2 rounds, if none of the candidates in the first ballot receives more than 50% of the vote. In the first round of elections of mayor of Kyiv that took place on October 25, Klitschko scored 40, 6% of voters came to the polls.

For entry Klitschko in a new position, still expected to observe some procedural formalities. For five days the outcome of the election, the will must be published in the Kiev newspaper " Khreschatyk ", and after the head of the Kyiv electoral Commission at a regular meeting of the city Council will announce the election of the mayor Klitschko. Officially date of the next meeting of the city Council as long as unknown, but, according to sources in the Cabinet, it will tentatively be held on December 1.

Polls and political analysts at the start of the election race called the Main contender Klitschko mayoral elections. Before the elections Klitschko for over a year supervised the capital he was elected mayor in early elections on may 25, 2014. Then he became mayor as one of the leaders of the new coalition that came to power after the ouster of former President Viktor Yanukovych in the end of Euromaidan in early 2014.

Despite the fact that since that time, Klitschko has not fulfilled all its promises, voters for the Second time expressed his support. In the first round for Klitschko voted 40, 6% have come to elections - less than in the elections in 2014, when he voted for the 57% of voters.

Company Klitschko in the 2nd round unexpectedly amounted to Birch, who began his political career only in early 2014. In a bitter battle with the more experienced politicians of Birch with 8, 8% of the vote ranked second.

The second round of elections of the mayor in Kiev has become more of a formality, as the real struggle between the candidates failed. Little doubt that Klitschko will win easy his rival in personal combat. The candidates are practically not conducted a major election campaign Before the second round that made me think about the fact that present themselves in the election race are clear the outcome of the vote.

Valaisiana was calm Despite the aggravation from the authorities in the situation of a possible terrorist threat in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris. The security of public order was carried out in emergency mode.

according to the police of Kiev, the counting of votes in the capital passed without gross violations of law. Were documented a total of 27 messages about violations relating to the electoral process. Also time has not opened five polling stations, mostly for technical reasons.

Thus there was an incident at a polling station during the voting Klitschko - the applicant has stripped an activist of the women's protest movement Femen, she was immediately detained by the police, against her administrative report.

Observers from the private parties Also have not detected serious violations of the electoral process in the elections in Kiev.

The second round in Kiev shocked the record low turnout in the vote was attended by only 28, 47% came to the polls. This is much lower than, for example, in the first round, when 41 came to vote, 87% came to the polls.

Klitschko after the announcement of exit poll results that showed a landslide victory, held a press conference where he said that it was unprofitable past the Second round of elections of the mayor of Kiev. According to his statement in European practice " Second round of elections of the mayor is not carried out if there is a big gap between the candidates." Klitschko said that holding elections in one round could reduce costs significant funds For the state budget.

Klitschko also expressed gratitude to their own electorate for their support and promised to bring reforms before the end." It is a great credit of trust, and I will do anything to doubtless to blanch it and implement all the initiatives and to bring the reform to a final result. Our key objective is to make Kiev a comfortable stay For each and every resident of Kiev, who is coming to us ", - said Klitschko.

He made a lovely gesture towards his rival Birch, by promising to offer him to lead one of the directions of work in the Moscow city hall. At the same time Klitschko has expressed doubts that the Birch will accept It, because he will have to refuse the mandate of a Deputy of the Rada. As long as the birch did not respond to the proposal Klitschko.

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Vitali Klitschko
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The Finnish police searched the home of the author of the article on surveillance of the Russian military

18 of December, 10:04

Law enforcement agencies searched the house of the correspondent of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Laura Halminen

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