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23 of November, 01:59

The court of Kyiv will continue its consideration of the case of citizens of Russia Erofeev and Alexandrov
The Goloseevsky district court of Kiev on the first day of the week will continue to review the merits of citizens of Russia Evgeniy Erofeev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov, arrested in Ukraine in may.

at a previous meeting, the court managed to read part of the evidence for the prosecution. Erofeev in the process of the session said about using it to pressure and torture during questioning by investigators of the Ukrainian After the restriction of freedom. For its part, the Consul of the Russian Federation in Ukraine Alexey Gross have said before, that is satisfied with the conduct of judicial hearings on business of Russian citizens. According to his statement, is routine work, the parties present their arguments, quite properly fulfilled by a group of judges, prosecutors, defenders.

Erofeev and Aleksandrov were caught by the Ukrainian security forces on may 16 in the area of the city Happiness in the area of contact of the Ukrainian security forces and militias self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR). In the end, what happened firefight fighting groups of opponents, one Ukrainian serviceman died, three received damage to health. In this battle, Erofeev was wounded in the arm and Aleksandrov - up. Then the battle Erofeev and Aleksandrov were caught by employees of the SBU.

The nineteenth of may they were expressed suspicion of terrorist activities in the area of military special operations, and 3 days later the Kyiv court arrested them. Later the Russians were made elective surgery in the Kiev military hospital. Despite the condition, captured was transferred from the hospital to the remand prison.

Immediately After restrictions on the freedom Erofeev and Aleksandrova in Kiev told that they Like are the Russian military personnel and special forces. The Russian defense Ministry denied This information. The Ministry indicated that "at the time of his detention" Russian citizens have already retired from the military power of the Russian Federation. Then the Russian defense Ministry explained that " in truth these people before he did military service under the contract in Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Event associated with their departure from the Russian Federation and stay in the territory of Ukraine, have occurred After retirement from active service and is not associated with its passage."

Chapter LNR Igor Carpenter, explaining the detention, said they are the fighters of the people's militia of the Republic.

the hearing of the case concerning Russian citizens of the Ukrainian police lasted several months from the time of their detention. Originally Erofeev and Alexandrov was charged with suspicion of terrorist activities. In the process of investigation appeared and fresh suspicions: waging aggressive war, illegal border crossing, illegal movement of weapons and ammunition, illegal possession of weapons, illegal entry to the occupied territories, as well as the outbreak of military conflict. According to these articles, they could face imprisonment in jail for the rest of your life.

Ukrainian lawyer Oksana Erofeeva Sokolovsky considers the vast number of these allegations are unfounded. In her vision, speech should go about spying of Russian citizens, smuggling and carrying of weapons and possible imprisonment on this charge - up to seven years of imprisonment.

at the same time possible the respect of the citizens of Russia combatants means that in this case they cannot be used in criminal prosecution, because Ukraine is a party to the Geneva Convention. In addition, the pow status is subject to separate rules for their content and sharing. According to Sokolowski, a third party in this lawsuit are the security Service of Ukraine, General Prosecutor's office and international Red cross.

for its part, the Consul of Russia Alexey Gross believes that in this matter the necessary expertise.

"The Ukrainian side considers them (Erofeev and Alexandrov) prisoners of war, it Is believed the defender on this issue, citing the relevant articles of the Geneva Convention. Vsplyvaet, in my opinion, a certain conflict of national and international law. How it will be resolved, I guess we'll see. There is the Geneva Convention on the rights of prisoners of war, There is an internal Ukrainian law, the criminal procedure rule, which may be norms of international law not taken into account. Here are some expert's evaluation, " explained the Consul Fins news the Question about the necessity of providing Erofeev and gave the status of prisoners of war.

The question of a possible exchange of prisoners for Russian citizens were discussed since their arrest in may. There was a different version of their exchange: Ukrainka Hope Savchenko or convicted in the Russian Federation film Director Oleg Sentsov and activist Oleksandr Kolchenko. In the media many times there were messages about the fact that proper dialogues already taking place at different levels, or even that they have already traded.

these data have many times refuted the SBU, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, lawyers of the arrested, and also Authorized the Russian authorities. In the main military office of public Prosecutor of the PGO considered that the exchange of Russian citizens is still possible, but this will happen only After trial.

"Russia is party to international law, for this reason, if these citizens are convicted and transferred, then Russia needs to supply a serving of recompense for its residents who have committed iniquities within a particular country," explained the Ukrainian chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

He ruled out the possibility of exchange of Russian citizens before completion of trial and entry of judgment into legal force.

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Approved a new crew that will travel to the ISS

16 of December, 12:04

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