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28 of November, 19:28

"Not in our name" in Spain held anti-war rallies
Elena Shesternina. Thousands of people gathered on the first day weekend on the streets of cities Under Spanish anti-war slogan " Not in our name ". Pacifist events are held in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Cadiz, Zaragoza and another 2 dozens of cities.

Several thousand people gathered in the square in front of the Reina Sofia in Madrid." No war!", "Not in our name ", " Your war is our doom!", "Don't kill for the Empire!", "No to NATO - bases out!", - chanted gathered. The action was attended by Authorized parties Podemos, " United left ", antifranquista and Republican movements. In memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris on 13 November was announced a minute of silence.

the Commissioner of the Association of Muslim youth Mohammed Visan read the Manifesto in English, which condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris, the extremists of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" and promised that the Muslim community " will Not allow the spread of fanaticism ", which has No relation to Islam. He also tried to convince to fight with xenophobia and discrimination, as well as " stop the Bombing, which is totally ineffective ".

"in Paris, Iraq, Syria killed innocent citizens. We condemn the bombing of civilians in the Syrian Arab Republic. We say " No " to terrorism and Islamophobia. We say No to war. Bombing will Not bring us Peace. Not in our name!", He said from the podium, the crowd welcomed him with applause.

"The victory of terrorism is absolute, If the answer for the pain of the innocent victims will be in pain otherwise, the same innocent. If We look for the guilty among our neighbors just because they dress or think differently, We will erect new walls of bigotry. This can not happen! The fanaticism of "Islamic country" will provoke the European Fanaticism as long as our governments will cut social rights and fundamental freedoms, to carry out the Bombing, which has been shown to be ineffective. In Paris, Iraq or Syria killed citizens, as long as others are trading influence, weapons and geostrategic interests. Fanaticism alone does Not have the opportunity to be a justification of hatred of the other. We refuse to be hostages of hate, terror and intolerance. It would mean to give in to terrorism, "he read from the tribune a Manifesto Commissioner of the Association" Children of immigrants " Salina Owari.

Under the Manifesto " against terrorism, against Islamophobia and against wars ", already signed by about 40 thousand people, among them well-known politicians and cultural figures.

"Anyone who wants war in the Syrian Arab Republic and more deaths and blood, albeit wearing a military uniform and he goes to the front ", - told reporters the people's Deputy of the Parliament of Andalusia from the political party Podemos Teresa Rodriguez.

"The square is filled with people. Again civil society spoke out against war and for Peace, " said the famous Actor, Alberto San Juan.

"I came here to tell the government, Mariano Rajoy, that it is impossible, when the World is on the brink of a Third world war, to provide our territory Under NATO military bases and spending in Spain NATO exercise, it is unclear who is threatening," said Fins news, one of the participants of the rally, Maria, in whose hands was the poster " Peace! Justice!".

Maria recalled the agreement, recently signed by the Spanish government and Washington to increase U.S. military presence on a reciprocal basis mor?n de La Frontera and make it permanent, and at the end of October - beginning of November the most ambitious in the last decade NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 Spain, Portugal, Italy. The exercise involved 36 thousand soldiers from 30 countries, among them neutral Austria and Sweden, have been involved 140 aircraft, 90 submarines and ships.

"of course, Islamic terrorism is a huge risk - We saw what happened in Paris, like shooting down a passenger plane Over Sinai, what happened in Lebanon, in Mali, in Tunisia, see what is happening in the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq. But the answer is Not have the opportunity to be the Bombing, which killed civilians. Need to find other ways of dealing, for example, due to a more competent work of special services ", - expresses the opinion Pablo.

The crowd has evolved over the flags of the Spanish Republic, see Communist symbolism and even the DND flag and a poster " save the children of Donetsk ", written in English. In addition, activists from the Eastern part of Ukraine has put up posters with photographs of victims of the terrorist group "Islamic State" and demands to bring to justice those who shot down a Russian su-24 in the skies Over Syria.

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The Finnish police searched the home of the author of the article on surveillance of the Russian military

18 of December, 10:04

Law enforcement agencies searched the house of the correspondent of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Laura Halminen

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In the far East will be a new army, media reported

18 of December, 09:04

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