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1 of December, 09:22

Erdogan confirmed his intention to resign
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asserted his intention to retire in that case, if will be confirmed the precedent of the oil purchases from the Islamic state. Almost instantly after that, there was convincing evidence of the relationship of the authorities powers with a terrorist group.

The international community has long had information that the Turkish authorities are not just loyal to operate in areas of Syria to terrorists, but support them. The case, for example, about buying from the "Islamic state" oil, that can significantly replenish the "coffers" of the group. Attack Turkish F-16 fighter for the Russian su-24 bomber, considering opinion of specialists, was the result of similar relations with terrorists.

However, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denies this precedent. To achieve the desired result he even, apparently, willing to sacrifice career. "I declare openly: if a precedent will be approved, I will not stay on your own post" - quoted by TASS, the Turkish favorite. But similar to the loud statements, experts say, the President of Turkey came running in vain.

Is information prescribing the relation between the Turkish government and the terrorist group "Islamic state" already abound. So, it is declared by pictures from space, produced by the domestic satellites.At the G20 summit in Antalya, the President of the Russian Federation told about the columns carrying the energy of cars, stretching to the horizon. "It looks like a living oil pipe. And we see from the air, where there are these cars. Day and night they go to Turkey", - said Vladimir Putin.

These words are confirmed by independent investigations by Western correspondents of The Guardian. Professionals reported that the relationship of Erdogan with the "is" can detect even the allies of the Turkish authorities. Militants back in Turkey since 2012, in addition is not particularly hidden - freely gather in hotels and coffee shops. And the relationship data of the high-ranking terrorists with Turkish civil servants according to the data detected on the hard drives in the hideout of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf, which was responsible directly for the oil trade.

On participation of Turkey to the oil business, "IG" indicates the time of the attack on Russian bomber - after just a couple of days after Russia began the destruction of the smuggled oil. "It is possible confidently to assert that such volumes of oil could not pass unnoticed by the Turkish administration. So, Turkish favorites one way or another participated in this business," - quoted Russia Today a control Center for Asia and the Near East Russian Institute of strategic studies Anna Glazov. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, moreover, noticed that hardly happened - just a coincidence.

Deputy Chairman of the opposition democracy Party of the peoples of Idris Balucan believes that the attack of the Turkish air force on Russian aircraft was planned in advance. He is convinced that in this way Erdogan could attempt to influence Russia's actions in Syria. Other famous in the country the opposition leader, Mehmet Ali Adiloglu, approved that complaints to Ankara about the financing of terrorism are not baseless. "In Kirkuk, in Northern Iraq, there are 4 trader close to the leader of Iraqi Kurds Massoud Barzani. Through it 10's of dealers, usually from Turkey, buy oil and resell it on the world markets. In Parliament I asked the Minister of energy. His reply was very funny. He said: "We purchase oil from Barzani in Northern Iraq, from where it is that we can't know, that's not our concern", - said the politician.

Besides all this, irrefutable confirmation of the Turkish authorities with terrorists from the Islamic state have already appeared, but followed not the resignation of Erdogan, and the persecution of those who these precedents found. So, two correspondents from the newspaper "Republic" were arrested for exposing arms shipments to operate in areas of Syria terrorists. Also, were arrested and convicted soldiers who stopped for audit column with the militants.

With all of this to say that Erdogan might not be aware of what is happening, is not necessary. Everything indicates that in the case entered a personal interest. "All the oil was supplied to the company, which is owned by the son of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In this regard, Turkey started to get nervous, when Russia began to attack the infrastructure of the Islamic state and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil. This is largely played on the nerves of erdoд?an and his company," - said the Minister of information of Syria, Omran al-Zoubi.

In global media, besides, have any detailed scheme - how Turkey gets the oil and the "Islamic state", reports "Interfax". According to data of the Israeli business portal, the Globes, the oil is extracted at the Deposit in the Syrian metropolis of dir A-Zur in the East of the country and another 2 fields in Iraq. Then it is transported in the Kurdish city of Zakho in Iraq near the border with Turkey and Syria.

Specifically, there are flocking all mediators who wish to purchase oil. The Arab newspaper Al-Araby al-Jadeed reports that at this stage the oil is sold at 15 to 18 $ per barrel, however, global markets it will cost 41 to 45 $ per barrel. Then established a network of smugglers transporting oil through the terrain of Turkey to the seaports, where the carriers come to the end consumer.

Terrorist group "Islamic state" was formed against the backdrop of the political crisis in the middle East, quickly gained influence in the region and captured large areas in Iraq and Syria. Among other things, the militants seek to extend their influence and on the African continent. According to the ruling of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, the activities of the "IG" in our country is prohibited.

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The su-34 bombers returned to Khabarovsk Krai from Syria

14 of December, 10:04

The su-34 bombers returned to the Khabarovsk territory from Syria, said the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence.

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14 of December, 09:04

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