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8 of December, 08:27

Grushko: NATO proposals on confidence-building measures in conflict "containment" of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Dobrovolsky. Proposals for new confidence-building measures with Russia during the OSCE does not tally with the Alliance policy of confrontation and military preparations on the Eastern flank in order to "deter" Russia, said Last news Russia's permanent Representative At the Alliance.

He said that the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg before, "announced the desire of the Commonwealth to make some Proposals for confidence building measures on the "Vienna area" at the time of the OSCE Forum on cooperation in the field of security ".

"for example, He said low thresholds for notifications and observations of the exercises. Mentioned and our practice of unannounced inspections, which allowed the Vienna document and carried out with observance of all necessary measures of transparency after these events begin to be implemented " on the ground ", - said Grushko. The envoy believes that " we need to wait and see which package has the ability to be shown on the Forum, and then to explain ".

"however, this NATO initiative looks strange on the background of those military preparations, carried out by the Alliance on the" Eastern flank ". It is clear that If the policy of NATO will not change Unless the rate for the approximation of the military infrastructure to our borders, will be made additional attempts to increase its military presence by the forward placement of heavy equipment, a more active rotation of military power, it would contradict the very idea of confidence-building measures that are declared in the Alliance. They do not tally with these military preparations aimed, as currently officially reported, "containment" of Russia ", - said the permanent Representative.

according to his statement, from the history of observations on weapons you know, " these measures are intended not to replace but to Supplement political efforts to shift from schemes of security based on the balance of threats and controvert, to ensure safety on different principles ".

"The consensus in favor of developing a monitoring regime over conventional armaments in the European Union and confidence and security building measures (CSBMs) began to take shape when it became clear that confrontation, the arms build-up in excess of reasonable limits are a danger to the security of Europe. Then confidence-building measures and was in demand as it was possible to consolidate these political understandings and translate them into the language restrictions, exchange of information, observations, visits and so forth, " - said the Envoy.

However, He said that " at the moment NATO is conducting a course that provides an opportunity to consider the proposed confidence-building measures as appropriate for their intended use ".

"There is an impression that the Alliance, on the one hand, wishes to draw them to the forefront, most importantly, in practice military power of the Russian Federation, and, return, through our acceptance of these measures, really, to certify, to legalize the military preparations, which He makes at our boundaries, undermining the fundamental provisions of the Founding act Russia - NATO ", - said Grushko.

The envoy said that " the development of CSBMs, this contradiction does not resolve ".

"Right from the policy and military planning, focused on confrontation. In addition, a deep modernization of the Vienna document is not possible without reliance on "hard" limit - monitoring measures over the arms. If NATO countries will formulate appropriate Proposals, we will be ready to study them ", - said the Ambassador.

according to his statement, also "can't do without a serious conversation about "real weight" of instruments IHOP "." why the objective results of the inspection do not affect the content of political statements? There was so much noise around the so-called concentration of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, and numerous inspections and flights in the open skies Treaty not recorded, " - said Grushko.

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16 of December, 17:04

Kiev is going to make a wider broadcast of the Ukrainian TV and radio channels in the Crimea, said a member of the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio Sergey Kostinsky.

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16 of December, 15:04

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