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14 of October, 15:50

Ukrainian nationalists from the "Azov" created a political party
Ukrainian nationalists from the so-called civil corps "Azov" on the anniversary of the formation banned in Russia Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) formed a political party "national body" in electing the leader of a famous neo-Nazi views of the former commander of a battalion Andrey Biletsky.
for Biletsky unanimously voted 292 members of Congress. According to the Deputy head of the party Nazar Kravchenko, "national body" wants "to come To power through elections, although it has other opportunities," reports the news Agency.
Biletsky is no coincidence candidacy received the unanimous support of the Congress. The head of the party was born in 1979 in Kharkov and already at the Desk of the historical faculty of Kharkiv University. Karazin took the thrust To the ideas of Nazism and racism. His diploma work was devoted to study fights collaborated with the 3rd Reich UPA*. After the release of his biography has been enriched with lines about the participation of the radical organization " Trident ", " Patriot of Ukraine ", the Social national Assembly, "the Right sector* ? East" (an organization banned in Russia), what did the Ukrainian nationalists, the title of " White chief ". Before the coup in February 2014 Biletsky many times is judged for hooliganism and robbery. However, fresh authorities considered him a political prisoner, and two days later, After the coup, he was free. In early March of the same year Biletsky was appointed head of the " Right sector-East ", which went on to fight in the Donbass." Azov " came to light under the guise of the volunteer establishment to suppress the Donbass disagree with the coup d'etat of 2014 in Ukraine. Later it legalized from the Ministry of internal Affairs, having received official registration in the area of military operations. To date, "Azov" has grown and is a well-armed and multi-level Association. It is based on ? the regiment, having armed with their tanks and artillery, the structure also includes citizen corps * veterans of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and ideologically charged young people. Now the Organization has received and the political wing in the form of the National party. In a civil case openly declare that their mission is in the near future to establish a nationwide structure, which would have counted More than five hundred active members in each region. Remember, the behavior of soldiers "Azov" first aroused opposition, not only in DNR, LNR or Russia, but even in the United States. Congress was forbidden to teach men "disgusting neo-Nazi battalion" Azov ". Later, the head of the defense Ministry of Canada Jason Kenney said that the country would not conduct the training and to assist Ukrainian ultra-nationalist battalion " Azov ", calling the gathering "black sheep" in Ukraine. The battalion " Azov ", then expanded To a regiment, recruited mostly from the neo-Nazis ? from Ukraine, Russia, countries of near and far abroad. The hallmark of the "Azov" is undisguised sympathy For ultra-right ideas. The flag of the unit, which legalized in the structure of the National guard of Ukraine from the group of rushing to fight in the Donbas radicals, represents a stylization of the symbol " wolf hook ", in the years of the great Patriotic war it was used part of the Waffen SS of Nazi Germany. In conversation the canadian newspaper the Chronicle Herald the commander of "Azov" claimed that one fifth of his soldiers were " convinced Nazis ". UN observers in the Donbass in their own reports documented the lawlessness of the "Azov" against civilians and instances of denial of his terrorists to carry out the orders of the command, this is confirmed by the revelations Ukrainian hacker group " Cybermarket ". In February the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on problems of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov has hinted that the action fighters of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion "Azov" reminiscent Of Germany during the 3rd Reich, commenting on the fighters so the slogan " Ukraine above all ". The phrase "Germany above all" was a symbol of the Nazi ideology of the 3rd Reich. Became world popular during the Second world war and in the years preceding her, ? since the arrival of Adolf Hitler To power.
* Organization, regarding which the court accepted entered into legal force of the conclusion About destruction or prohibition of activity on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law "On countering extremist activity"

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Russia will not allow the United States once again to plunge Syria into chaos, said in the Federation Council

16 of December, 20:04

Russia will help Syria's President Bashar al-Assad not to let the United States once again destabilize the situation in the country, said Last news head of the Federation Council on defense and security Viktor Bondarev.

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Kiev is planning in 2018 to expand broadcasting in Crimea

16 of December, 17:04

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