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24 of September, 19:27

Zakharchenko: found under the Donetsk tel removed the internal organs
When inspecting the bodies of the civilian population, found in the tombs under Donetsk, it turned out that some of them are missing internal organs, said the Prime Minister Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.
To install, Under any circumstances, were selected organs, until failed, But seriously, you can consider only two options: either the bodies were severely damaged as a result of damage to, or deleted do, maybe in the process of torture, reports Lifenews." I personally have seen two such disposal was cut chest and torn abdominal cavity. It effects or surgery, or damage to health. But we have information that the national guard under the prisoners, and even their wounded " parses " the bodies, " explained Zakharchenko. However, the final clarity to the situation will make the medical conclusion. According to the Prime Minister, their work is complicated by the strong decomposition of bodies, the analysis may take quite a long time. Only in territories that were controlled by the SCU, the militia locate four burials of local citizens and six graves of Ukrainian soldiers, Zakharchenko said. He believes that such " mass graves " near telmanov, Yenakiyevo, Starobeshevo and other settlements is still a lot." Not all the graves we can find some well-hidden, some mined as burial in the Bottom of the Pot. The overall picture is similar everywhere: signs of decapitation bodies, through gunshot injuries, severed limbs, " explained Zakharchenko. Before that, in DND told that a burial was discovered, most likely, is Not the only one. In the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Wednesday said that a cold-blooded massacre of civilians, the disposal of which was found under the Donetsk is a war crime Ukrainian security forces. According to the MFA, a few days before the discovery of the burial of this area left held its Soldiers from the 25th air cavalry brigade military power of Ukraine and the members of the battalion " Aidar ". Authorized the national security and defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko acknowledged that in the area under Donetsk, where they found the dead bodies of civilians were units of the security forces. On the same day Authorized special observation mission of the OSCE (CNM) in Ukraine visited the burial place of civilians under Donetsk. At the same time, the Russian delegation to the OSCE raised the issue of an international investigation into the killing of civilians. Remember, on Tuesday, it was announced that the militia found the burial of bodies in the area of forest stock shaft number 22 " Kommunar " (lower Pot, 60 km from Donetsk), which until recently was under the control of the security forces.


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ZAKHARCHENKO Mikhail Petrovich
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The media reported on the establishment in the far East of the new army

18 of December, 08:04

Naval aviation and defense forces of the Pacific fleet (PF) will be merged, and the headquarters of the new army will be located in Kamchatka, Izvestia reports referring to the Ministry of defence.

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The speaker refused transmission in jail

18 of December, 06:04

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