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16 of November, 09:17

New literary award in Russia The new literature award - "A big book" is instituted in Russia.

The list of the new award constitutors includes: Federal press and mass-media agency, Federal culture and film agency, the Institute of Russian literature and the All-Russian state TV-radio company.

The award "A big book" is aimed to increase the status of Russian present-day literature and appeal readers` attention.

The first prize will come up to 3mln rubles, the second one - 1,5 mln, the third - 1mln.

Selection of literary candidates for the award will consist of two stages: First, all literary works will be presented to experts-readers. After their choice, the best works will be sent to "literary academy", where judges - more than 100 writers, librarians, critics, and journalists will name happy winners.
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