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26 of January, 19:35

Wedding of singer Alsu is under threat Planned for spring wedding of famous Russian singer Alsu and Yan Abranov appeared to be under threat. Neither the singer nor fiance wishes to change religion.

Alsu practice Islam and Yan - Judaism. Different religions never interfered with communication and mutual understanding of the couple. The singer admired with fiance and declared: "I don`t know for which deeds heaven rewarded me with Yan".

Love affair of Alsu and Yan developed fast. "Yan was the only boyfriend my parents liked. This fact influenced our further relationships a lot".

After Alsu accepted proposal of Yan, a father of the singer Ralif Safin asked the most important question: "Who will dare to change religion?".

Alsu and Yan headed to confessors for advice. "The fact is that I would not change religion even for loving husband. I was very nervous, when I visited mufti", - confessed Alsu.

But mufti and rabbi calmed the singer and fiance down. They assured the couple that there are no obstacles for marriage.

"Mufti has explained that Muslims and Jews are close nations by spirit and marriages are not prohibited. Therefore, none of us has to change religion", - said Alsu.

Alsu prefers not to talk much about wedding. "I has dreamt about wedding from early childhood, - said the girl. - I wished to be princess at that solemn day. I will have elegant dress with zest and long bridal veil. I wait impatiently for spring?"
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