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15 of December, 01:19

Medvedev: the Economic attitude of the EU to Kiev reminiscent of neo-colonialism
Economic cooperation between Brussels And Kiev is reminiscent of neo-colonialism: Ukraine necessary for the European Union, the 1st and foremost, as a source of raw materials And markets, And not an equal partner, said the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev D. A..

" From the standpoint of economic cooperation between the EU to Ukraine more like neo-colonialism. Under the guise of " European fair " competition was dented unilateral advantages for European And closely related to Ukrainian organizations. Ukraine necessary for the European Union, most importantly, as a source of part of the raw materials. And, no doubt, as a market for European organizations, " wrote Medvedev published in " Nezavisimaya Gazeta ".

If we talk about the structure of foreign trade of Ukraine, the majority of imports accounts for goods of final consumption And exports are dominated by commodities, the Prime Minister said. Reviews Medvedev, a significant part of Ukrainian plants in your own market will not withstand competition With European goods, which will swing with the introduction of the free trade regime, as under the terms of the agreement, Ukraine is almost completely cancel import duties.

" And what will happen With the Ukrainian manufacturers - Nobody, it seems, was not calculated. Nobody can say what the prospects are for its part, appears instead to Ukrainian enterprises in the highly competitive European market, " he says. The amount of preferences that will give Ukraine the Europeans, was estimated at 400 million euros per year, But it is unlikely that it could compensate for even a few % of future losses, sure Medvedev.

If we talk about the agrarian sector of Ukraine, which accounts for 17% of GDP And 27% of national exports, the Outlook is not too rosy. Ukrainian farmers are initially in a losing situation, And among them because of the subsidies, which are allocated to European farmers. In addition, the Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU will be quoted, And other supplies to duty, which increases them, says Russian Prime Minister.

Individual effort And cost will require a transition to European thestandard And norms, which in a few years will be required to work the industry And agriculture of Ukraine." may be to estimate the costs of these transformations, called Yanukovych government - from 160 to five hundred billion euros over ten years - And overpriced. But anyway, this is caused by very large allocations. Wait compensate for these costs from the EU - it would be naive, " said the Medvedev.

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