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Get something new about free slots!

While you are playing free slots you never think about certain gambling expressions which dealers and players use in casino every day. Some of it you may be heard before and some will be new and strange for you. List below will help you to find what you missed about gambling.Low Poker. It’s variation of Poker when the weakest hand wins.Low Roller. Player who prefers to make low bets in slot machine Fortune Farm but not lower than casino allows.Multiplayer. It’s game in virtual casino where all players can communicate with each other.Overlay. It’s bet with priority of gambler against casino.Raise. It means increasing first bet in Poker.River. It’s last fifth card which dealer takes off from pack in Poker.Paytable. It’s table in slots where gambler can see numbers of multipliers per certain combinations of playing symbols.Pot is money placed in the center of table in Poker. At the end of game winner take Pot.Blind. It’s blind bet. Players must to place it in some variations of Poker.Split. In Blackjack it means to break card to two hands. It happens when player has two card of the same rank.Spin. It’s one round of roulette or free slot machine.Single player. It’s game when player is against program only.Surrender. It’s refusal from game in Blackjack. Player loses all his bets in this case.Scam. It’s any kind of cheating casino or player.Staver. It’s the same as High roller. Man who makes only high bets.Hard hand. It’s score of 11 points which gambler collected without Ace.Flash. It’s winning combination from five cards of same color.Four Flash. It’s non-completed combination from four cards of the same color n in Poker.Royal Flash. It’s the highest winning combination in Poker. Player has all cards of the same color in order staring from ten. For example: ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of diamond.Hit. It means to take one more card from pack in Blackjack.Valuable cards. It’s Aces and cards of casino.Wager. It’s total amount of bets which gambler should do to take his winning out.

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Политика  Общество  Экономика  Деловые  Наука  Hi-Tech  Культура  Шоу-бизнес  Спорт  Происшествия  Криминал  Скандалы  Пикантные  Зарубежные  ИноСМИ