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19 of April, 07:04

Government online: Konstantin Noskov about the "superservice" of the future
Nobody likes to pester government agencies And to stand in long queues, collecting different information to obtain that, And so it should be legal. To free the citizens from having to in person visit the government offices, in 2009 our country was created a Single Portal of public And municipal services. But only in the last few years, in connection with deeper Internet penetration And development of the portal, he became a truly nation-wide: on 1 April it was 86, 4 million individuals And 462 thousand legal entities.

Using Only a computer or a smartphone, people are able to solve almost any problem that requires the intervention of the country: now available on the portal 392 Federal, and Only 1199 26380 state And municipal services. And citizens that are actively in use. In 2018, a Single Portal was visited by around billion of times And sent Through more than 60 million statements. Indicators Is the most popular state website in the world.

most frequently our clients are requesting data about the status of his account in the Pension Fund of Russia (more than 16 million requests in the past year). On the 2nd place of registration of transport: by it 9, 2 million times. I was one of 5, 6 million people last year Through public Services quickly changed driver's license. Four million applications were made for registration of the passport of the new generation, 1, 7 million out of a polling station in the presidential elections.

The portal is continuously being improved, it appears fresh service. Now you can see photos of the violation for which the owner fined. Will soon be spreading photo evidence of illegal Parking. Just recently, Through the state Services is made possible online to deregister the car registered to the former owner. On the portal accessible And personal account of the patient " My health ", Through which you can obtain data about performed over a certain period of medical services And their costs, the policy of obligatory medical insurance, choose an insurance company. The number of users of the personal Cabinet of the patient in 2018, over 1, 6 million.

together with Rosstat, the Ministry of communications is preparing to host the in 2020 with the help of portal of government services the e-census inhabitants. In 2018, We have Already conducted a pilot census, from 1 to 10 October it was attended by 467 thousand people.

Through a Single Portal you can not Only order the services, But to pay for it. If in 2016 Through the Portal there were payments made to 8, 1 billion rubles, in 2017 - by 30, 3 billion, and in 2018 - as much as 52, 6 billion. the majority of This is payment of tax debts (almost 19, 9 billion in 2018), and state duties (17, 5 billion), fines (9, 8 billion), judiciary debt (4, 3 billion). To pay Through the Portal profitable: for payment of fees 30% discount.

Notice that most of our foreign partners called the Russian system of public services one of the best in the world. No wonder our mobile app in February this year became the winner of VI annual international award for Best m-Government Service Award in the category " Available government ".

considering that more and more the world wide web come in the majority from smartphones, We also develop mobile application " state Services ". Last year its average monthly audience increased from 5, 6 million users To 9, 3 million, and the number of visits from 45 million To 72 million per month. Only last year the app was downloaded over 17 million times, and Only since the release of more than 30 million In 2018 Through him filled And sent over 12, 6 million applications.

Before the end of 2020 on the portal will be launched in the so-called superservice - integrated public Services, grouped by typical life situations. How will This work?

For example, in the family the child was born. The state during the "superservis ""Birth child" is not Only automatically inform the parents about all the provisions of government services And payments, But also in proactive mode will provide Everything you need in this case. The registration of birth, obtaining a MHI policy, benefits, registration of the child at the place of residence of the parents, And so on. You will Only need one email from parents.

Only priority "superservice" will be 25, their list is not so long ago, was approved at the meeting of the Presidium of the Government Council for digital development under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. According to our assumptions, they will cover about 95 % of all interactions of citizens with government.

There will soon be able to take out accident without the participation of a reviewer to appeal the penalty for non-observance of the road to get plates And registration certificate when buying a new car without visiting the state traffic Inspectorate.

The employment contract with the employer it will be possible to sign online, and the data on seniority And calculation of future pensions will become available in your account.

Develop services health care: insurance will be digital and attached to the medical organization will be possible online.

the service is proactive: the public services Portal will remind the user by e - mail, social networks or Via push notification on the phone screen - that one can, for example, in certain social payments. The person will be enough to go to the Portal And send Already prepared the message.

We plan to go to the "Goshobo" - the whole ecosystem of information And service resources with the unified requirements to the design, content, editorial policy. At present, in Runet about 150 thousand disparate And highly heterogeneous Internet-representations of the state And municipal authorities And budgetary institutions. During the project "GOSUB" they are All connected, convenient And intuitive to the consumer. Every, going to his usual resource, get all the relevant data without having to look for it somewhere Else. For example, logging on to the school website, parent will have the opportunity to not Only see the evaluation of the child, But also to learn about the school clubs in the area. News authorities And government agencies will be extended in a single aggregator. Easier to find information is to ask a specific question digital assistant, and not to Wade through the jungle of legal texts in search of an answer.

All This in Order to make people's lives easier: That the State had offered the Man a service, and not he asked about them

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