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22 of April, 09:04

"Crimea was, is and will be Russian". Western politicians define the status of the Peninsula on the sidelines of the Yalta forum
"World. Russia. Crimea. New world reality " - the main theme of the 5th international Yalta economic forum all 3 days set the tone for the events. Jubilee AMAF, of course, not only about investing in the economy of the Peninsula, But about the world political agenda. 5 years ago, the Crimea was reunited With Russia. On the sidelines of the forum about those events, of course, remembered by all participants. What thoughts the citizens of foreign countries arrived in Yalta in the report of Last news .

brightly allocated reserved Germans, dressed immaculately, the Italians, the French, leaving behind a trail of exquisite perfume, Indian women in saris, Africans in national dress - the forum was crowded. However, as always.

"The Yalta international economic forum Is a tool that allows us to break all political barriers in the world," accents the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, opening AMAF. He added: "this tool will develop further," because foreign businessmen, having been there, returned home With the conviction That Russia can And Should work.

Co-Chairman of "Business Russia" And the organizing Committee Andrey Nazarov, for his part, recalled: AMEF been registered more than 4, 5 thousand people from 89 countries in the world, And more than 600 correspondents." by our estimate, 3 quarters of the countries in the world will know, how was the Yalta international economic forum ", - He said.

And just an hour before the opening of the forum the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova played AMAF own traditional briefing." Come. Talk to people. See for yourself, " urged She, explaining fakes about Crimea in the West. And said: "the isolation of the Crimea Is a myth ". One of those present asked: why citizens of foreign countries come From the Peninsula to his home, talk about the real situation here, But there in the end vote for punishment against Russia?" Maybe We netdeliver?" - asked the journalist from Krasnoyarsk." If anyone is unfinished, Is not It means That you have Something netdelivery, " the bitingly joked Zakharova.

What on this matter I think the citizens of foreign countries And why do They come to the Crimea? The people's Deputy of Slovak Parliament Peter Marcek on the Peninsula for the third time. First visit fifteen years ago, then with the Slovak businessmen And media professionals came in the last month of the summer of 2018, a third trip to the forum." That was fifteen years ago, And What I see at present, impossible to compare. I am shocked! What roads are, what the airport was built. Citizens, as I see the calm And satisfied."

We sit with the Slovak Parliament in the 1st of the most picturesque places of southern coast of Crimea. Peter Marcek admits going to Yalta on vacation With family, And generally wished to acquire a small apartment here - he is enjoying the local nature And climate.

- of course. When We walked along the waterfront of Yalta in the summer of last year, the citizens smiled, said very happy. And even before the visit of Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovakia told Me That there the Crimean Tatars have no rights. But I met With the regional Tatars, They challenged It. For all Crimeans got better - I the verdict did Then.

- It's impossible! We choose With whom to communicate. Stopped different people on the street. No one could know of my companions, whom We choose. On the boardwalk there were hundreds of people.

- If We're not talking about politicians, But about ordinary people, all holding thumbs for the Crimean, And I think They did the right thing. But politicians only hear the official position of the European Union. Because they are afraid to go against the EU. Although in reality a Large number of commissioners of power in our country understand That in the Crimea was a legitimate public referendum. But don't say they're scared. Sincerely deny the legitimacy of only twenty-Five. I'm the only one in Slovakia-said it openly: Crimea - Russia.

- A little bit. When I'm in 2018 has arrived From the Peninsula, convene a special meeting of the division for foreign Affairs in Parliament wanted to punish me in some way. I there said: "Crimea has always been, there is And will be Russian ". This all American pressure for Peace. The United States is very bad policy in the world, for example in the European Union. Get involved in the Affairs of Slovakia, to alienate us from Russia. Ukraine there is already severed from Russia. And you can still remember What they did to Yugoslavia. Rip Slavs...

in the past year We have come to a consensus on the establishment of the chamber of Commerce. I started her to register in Slovakia. She was obliged to be called European-Crimean chamber of Commerce. But I began to Balk When I saw the title of Crimea. Six months in our Ministry of the interior pulled, relentlessly found fault with Something. Then We changed the name to the European-Tauride chamber of Commerce. And once check in was a month ago received. During operation of this chamber We begin to meet With French, German And other counterparts from Europe, to coordinate actions. The goal is to help Crimea is what He will need. Talking about investments in the 1st place. There are many projects in agriculture, construction, tourism And So on. Via European banks to spend money on projects in the Crimea is impossible, But We act Through other countries. We get smart on this market - bypassing.

If I didn't, I wouldn't be here.

at the same time, business With European participation are already being implemented in Crimea. So, according to the Italian technology in the Simferopol district produces strawberries, says Last news, the Deputy of the regional Parliament of Veneto Stefano Valdegamberi. In turn, intriguing Italian, another project: the construction And repair of yachts. But the details did not disclose the investors can't get under punishment." I connect people With each other, " laughs the source.

He's trying to figure out how much time was on the Peninsula for the last 5 years And lose count. Summarizes estimated to be 15 trips. At the Anniversary forum of " big friend of Russia ", as he calls himself Stephano, has come not Alone - With his son. Valdegamberi, Jr. worked on AMAF volunteer." Every time you fly And see the changes in comparison With the first visit in 2015. Crimea is evolving And changing day by day, " emphasizes Stefano. And even the praises of the local wine That is most pleasing to hear from the envoy of the country, which certainly Can boast to all people of the world traditions of winemaking. However, said: "we still Have quite a lot of work in this area. Italian wine is better To me than the Crimean ".

Valdegamberi, I am sure that the punishment is not eternal. For this reason, to work With the Crimea, the Europeans Need to start now - to be ready When the limits will be removed. A visitor from Verona never hesitate to say That Crimea - Is Russia. And tells Me how he participated in the program on the Italian TV." Again began to criticize me for What I advocate friendship With Russia, Which go to the Crimea, which " occupied ". I broke down And told them to say That the Russian Federation has occupied Crimea, is the same as to say That Italy invaded Tuscany! There they all were in shock, " - With characteristic Italian emotionality recalls Stefano.

in contrast to him the people's choice of Venice Ricco of Corsi on the Peninsula for the first time." I was extremely Interested to see the Crimea as here the citizens live. My friend Stefano told me so much about This place! I have decided That I have to see for myself. You know, I quite liked it, probably more will come, " admitted Last news Corsi.

The head of the French delegation, co-President of the Association "Franco-Russian dialogue" Thierry Mariani, And Stefano Valdegamberi, lost count of his visits to the Peninsula. Yes That there - in his conversation He occasionally goes to the Russian language. In March, the fifth anniversary of the Crimean spring, Mariani together With the French delegation was in Simferopol at a meeting With the head of state of Russia Vladimir Putin.

And here exactly one month, the Commissioner of the party "national front" at the Yalta forum is not the 1st time, I Must say. Mariani many times came to the Crimea in the Ukrainian period, When he was a member of the French Parliament, led a group on bilateral cooperation With Ukraine, As the Peninsula came to oversee the restoration of the French war memorial." Then We went And watched the Crimea, stuck in the Soviet Union in terms of infrastructure. And now, after 2014, see how fast changes in the infrastructure. It is not only roads And airports, in cities, too, there is a serious construction, " said impressions Thierry Mariani.

at the end of may elections to the European Parliament. And Mariani, experts say, there is a good chance to get there. Of course, I ask him if He initiates the adoption of a decision on the status of Crimea, If you become the Deputy of the EP. The French Guest clearly doesn't want earlier time to divide a skin of not killed bear. But clear hints: in these elections to the European Parliament are required to go through the policies of different States, which support the lifting of sanctions And the restoration of good relations With Russia, And also perfectly understand the decision of the Crimean people 5 years ago.

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