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4 of July, 02:04

Amendments to the Constitution, which was approved by more than three quarters of voters citizens of Russia, begin to act on 4 July, According to decree of President Vladimir Putin.

The updated text of the basic law promulgated the " Russian the newspaper ". Only the Constitution made 206 changes. According to this you want to change the 98 laws.

The idea of adding changes to the main law was expressed by Vladimir Putin in January 2020 in the message to Fedarene. According to the President, They were necessary For the subsequent development of Russia as a legal social state, " in which higher values are freedom and the rights of Residents, the dignity of man, his well-being." Many of the deputies, the head of parliaments and factions supported the idea of adding amendments to the Constitution.

Established a working group to draft proposals on amendments to the Constitution, which included not only deputies and senators but also athletes, actors, doctors and other public figures. The co-chairs of the working group were the Head of the state Duma on state building and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the head of the constitutional Department of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas and Director of the Institute of law and comparative jurisprudence under the government of Russia taliya khabrieva.

later people's Deputy Valentina Tereshkova made a proposal to remove from the Constitution the limits on number of presidential terms. Putin made this option if the constitutional court does not deem it in contravention of the basic law. After the adoption in March of the bill by both houses of Parliament the document was sent to the constitutional court, which issued a conclusion on the compliance of the proposed changes.

then Putin made what may be registered as a candidate for the position of head of state again in the case of the adoption of the amendments, noting that " for myself, nothing is decided ", but " considers possible opportunities."

One of the conditions for entry into force of the amendments was the approval of residents in a nationwide vote, which was scheduled for April 22, but because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus was postponed and took place from 25 June to 1 July.

The final turnout was 67, 97%. The amendment was supported by 77, 92% of voters (almost 58 million), opposed 21, 27% (about 16 million).

The CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, summing up, called the expression of the will of unprecedented difficulties, but said that it was respectable.

Most residents supported the clarification in Chechnya (97, 92% of the population voted for), Tuva (96, 79%), Crimea (90, 07%), Dagestan (89, 19%), Yamal (89, 16%). The least number of votes was in Yakutia (58, 34% of the population voted for, against 40, 65%), Kamchatka Krai (61, 76% and 37 for, 16% against), Magadan region (62, 03% for and 36, 62% against) and Omsk region (62, 09% for and 36, 66% against)

One of the first of the proposed changes the head of the fixing of the minimum wage not below the subsistence minimum to " in any situation throughout the state fulfilled the social obligations of the country." In addition, the Amendments Separately guarantee the protection of the dignity of the Residents and the respect of human labor, as well as ensure that the principles of social partnership in labour relations. One of the most popular and supported changes has been the indexation of pensions at least once a year and other social benefits in Accordance with Federal Statute.

in addition, important amendments became article 72 and 132 of affordable and quality medicine, which is now hosted "in the General conduct of the Russian Federation and subjects" at all levels of government: Federal, regional and local governments, which, for their part, are obliged to provide the availability of medical care on-site.

discussions arose in respect of the unit on family values, which represent the marriage "as the Union of a man and women" and children as " a priority of state policy ". The authors explained that the concept applies only to "marriage" and not on the family, which can be a single parent with a child. Under the amendments, " the state also guarantees the priority of family upbringing, takes on its own shoulders the responsibilities of parents regarding children without parental care ".

An important unit of the proposed changes has been the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Russia, as well as the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity. Thus, under article 67, the alienation of Russian territory, and such calls are not allowed. In addition, the basic law guarantees support to compatriots abroad and protect their rights.

Separately in the context of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, the deliberate distortion of facts and rethink its outcome, the Constitution included the amendment about the protection of Russian history.

Separately, the draft mentions the protection of "the cultural identity of all peoples and ethnic communities of the Russian Federation" and the preservation of their ethno-cultural and linguistic diversity. According to the text changes, the culture protected by the state and is " a unique heritage of its multinational people ". However, the state language, in accordance with the approved amendments throughout the state is Russian as the language of the constituent people.

the first time the Constitution also reflected the mention of God." Russian Federation, United by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of ancestors who have conveyed to us the ideals and faith in God, as well as the continuity of the development of the Russian Federation, recognizes the historically established state unity, " the text of the changes.

Another innovation was the preservation of the natural resources of the state and reducing the negative impact on the environment. So, the government will take measures to create favorable living conditions of the residents, preserve the natural diversity of Russia, and also development of system of ecological education and ecological culture. The need for a responsible attitude to animals, will also be enshrined in the publish 114 of the Constitution.

in addition, for the first time will celebrate the role of civil society in public policy and those volunteers and volunteers who " care about the disabled, plant trees and clean ponds ". Changes include the support of Russian science and regulation of government information technology.

proper restriction applies to senators, deputies, higher officials of regions, Directors of Federal public authorities, the Commissioner for human rights for judges, prosecutors and So on.

under One of the amendments, the Constitution is now placed in priority over international law, the constitutional court may not enforce decisions of international bodies, if They are in conflict with the basic law. However, the co-chairs of the working group was told that the Russian Federation has never refused its international commitments and will not do it.

The majority of the Amendments have touched upon the political apparatus of the state. So, increase the range of possibilities of the state Duma and the Federation Council who are entitled to exercise parliamentary supervision. In addition, begins to act, the amendment of presidential terms without the word 'consecutive'. They do not take into account the number of terms during which the head worked in the office at the time of entry into force of the Amendment.

The chief Executive, under the amendments, forms the security Council and the State Council. One of the changes proposed by Putin was a ban on dual citizenship and overseas Bank accounts for individual officers, including the President.

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