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7 of July, 07:04

A new stage in American falls, continuing in the open phase soon four, And in recent weeks transformed into an open sedition, poses a simple question: what is the America we need?

These words, spoken by Harry S. Truman on June 23, 1941, is well known. That the Senator (And future President) then continued the sentence - "although I under No circumstances don't want to see Hitler win" - a bit difference. America - and the position of Truman was close Not only to a large part of the elites, But for most ordinary American citizens - Not felt no desire to participate in the EU flares up in the war. And If sympathizers in Germany happened a lot, And Not only in the elite (after all, the contribution of the Germans in "American blood" than even English), Then certainly for Communist Russian Federation was sick for literally a few." Let them kill one another for as long as possible " - have been a strategic calculation of the part of the American Anglo-Saxon elite, who saw in a world war right chance to get the first role on the planet, finally edging out the parent civilization, the UK. Let them kill themselves - the British, the Germans, the Russians during the war, one way Or another will weaken, And then America will rule the world. So, basically, it was - except That Not the whole world, and for the most part: the Soviet Union emerged from the war a superpower, spreading its influence in Europe And Asia.

Then came forty years of confrontation - as long as the Soviet Union suddenly took an extremely ill-conceived And unsuccessful reform of its internal device (as well as its foreign policy) And has Not collapsed. USA immediately declared himself the winner in the cold war And tried to become a global hegemon. More precisely, the global hegemon wanted to be transnational elites (the majority of which have Anglo-Saxon origin), which uses US as a tool. But the "world of the American" plus the globalization of the whole Earth very quickly deadlocked - as Because of a failed hegemonic overstrained (and built by the transnational financial system is increasingly like a fraudulent pyramid), And as a result increase resistance powers of the civilizations have their own vision of the future world order.

A formal point in the world American in 2013-2014 have put Snowden And Crimea - Russia has Not only openly challenged the hegemony, she tested it for strength, And the illusion of omnipotence has dissipated already And the rest of the world. The non-extradition of Snowden And the return of the Crimea in response to the attempt to steal Ukraine - then the world has changed.

But America soon began a severe internal crisis - the formal reason he was Winning Donald trump in the presidential election in 2016, But, really, all long since went To heavy internal fault And conflict. By 2020, the situation in the States was just lightly managed - upcoming elections raise the stakes And provoke an explosion. Constructed of rich white elitist-a transnational "black Lives matter" are used Not only for the demolition of trump, much as many people think, for dismantling the old America. But why? What is going to build in its place? Or it's Not about dismantling, but about the Fact that, having changed the form, save the contents, besides the inner content and the external feature of the world goal?

And What should Russia do in this situation? To Express support for one of the parties? Calmly watch us mess - hoping That it will stretch over time And further weaken the States?

It is clear That in the mass consciousness we have extended the position of Harry Truman - Let them fight among themselves as long as possible." A plague on both your houses " and " the worse, the better ", the war supporters of democracy And Republicans on mutual destruction - it is not surprising That in Russia very bad attitude To US as such. Not To people but To the elite, with which our country has been Dealing in the post-war period. If the States become weaker, It is only for us. But a little people think: what are the States?

There is, however, some of the Russian Westerners, which relentlessly warns: even if America is a bad law enforcement officer, But the other global policeman in the end, No, but generally without the senior in the world can not all go racing we are weak, we will crush China (Or someone else - although When And who we were crushed after the fact, as Russia came out from under the yoke of the Horde?), So Russia is unprofitable rapid drop in the US. This constant mantra was divided a part of our audience, But the more crazy America than irresponsible And absurd was the behavior of its elites, the less remained of the arguments in favor of such a position.

It's Not just That all the years of struggle with trump, the American establishment is using the Russian Federation as a Scarecrow, and That such defamation has passed all possible boundaries. Why Russian now charged with paying Taliban compensation for the killed American citizens? Because we happened to play on the opposition: as long as we, good citizens, fighting racism, police violence And "white privilege" at home in America, our President is a traitor does Not care even to protect our wonderful soldiers fighting far from home! When we talk about the Fact That " black Lives matter ", we in reality wish to protect all American citizens, and Trump is Not important at all no American Life! Because he is a traitor And a Russian puppet. Yes, along with let's fresh penalties against Russia will enter!

The problem is Not That American domestic policy, Russia has become a bargaining chip, and That all American foreign policy is hostage to internal conflict. Yes, the internal layouts have always influenced U.S. foreign policy - But to a certain level. Currently the same internal contradictions lead To the erosion of the concept of " American foreign policy ", Because relations with China, Russia, Europe refers to the warring parties in completely different ways.

Yes, words (e.g. "punishment" ) they have the opportunity to use one And the same, But put them in a completely different concept. Because they have different goals: Trump needs a strong America, and its opponents needs a powerful leader of the globalizing world. In the 2nd case, No matter the composition of the population, neither history Nor the name of the state: rename USA to "New universal state" - And forward again to " rule the Nations ". Another Thing is That This new America will be even less than the old, But This is the case When a wounded animal is deadly.

This victory of America in the interests of Russia - to the contrary, globalist America doesn't have the ability to be anything but deadly confrontation. To hope That American restructuring will immerse US in the troubles, thereby making is safe for the environment in the state, is Not necessary. On the contrary, antitarnish uprising aimed at preserving the America that the whole world is very eager to lose.

"None of them keeps the word," - said in 1941, Truman Stalin And Hitler. Neither Biden Nor trump do Not keep their word (although Donald could do nothing in the relationship with Putin is Not their fault) - Russia makes No sense to Deal with them? However, it is Not in the personalities of the politicians, and those historical trends, they are expressing. Trump Is leaving America, white America prior? There Is a good chance to release America from the shackles of globalization And the emergence of a national of the United States. It's really the only way to save US as a country - otherwise, after one more attempt to retain global hegemony, States finally overstrain And collapse, falling into confusion. But It's profitable for Russia?

No - Because on the way To this cliff under the leadership of the liberal interventionists globalists USA have the opportunity to try to inflate the real-world on fire. A neighbor we do Not need, it's better that trump will " make America great again ".

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Center Gamalei published instructions for use the Russian vaccine Gam-KOVID VAK (trademark "Satellite V" ). Last news familiar with the document.

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