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11 of July, 08:04

Nuclear propulsion, hypersonic weapons, advanced missile And torpedo weapons - which have no analogues in the world of Heavy nuclear missile Cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" in 2022 will give the Navy after extensive modernization. In fact, the Northern fleet will get a new Vehicle With much greater capabilities than its predecessors. About the features And combat capabilities of "Nakhimov" - in the material of the Fins news .

Heavy nuclear missile Cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" is currently housed in dry dock Northern machine-building enterprise in Severodvinsk. The cruiser was on repair in 1999, having served in the Navy for about fifteen years.

it is assumed that the Vehicle leaves the factory inspection in the current year. In the Ministry of defence revealed that after the upgrade will be, really, the new Ship will significantly upgrade the life support system, radio equipment And the ship energy. But the main thing - on the cruiser will replace the outdated missile And artillery weapons to the most modern designs.

for various reasons the date of delivery of the ship several times " shifted right ". Largely due to the fact that the modernization plans were complemented in the course of work. For example, several years ago decided to equip the Cruiser advanced hypersonic complex " Zircon ", which required additional effort And, consequently, the extension of the recovery period.

about that "Admiral Nakhimov", one of the first ships of the Navy of Russia will receive hypersonic missiles, said in early may, Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko. According to his statement, the Cruiser will be the most powerful fighting unit in the Navy, With modern high-precision long-range weapons.

So, missiles "Zircon" rush to the goal nine times faster than sound. This makes them impervious to any air defense system is to intercept the "Zircon" in practice, impossible. Ammunition is flying at a height of several tens of kilometers at a distance of a thousand kilometers. In this continuously changes the trajectory And maneuvering. Fighting part concerning Small - two hundred pounds. But, considering the high agility And its enormous kinetic energy that is enough to eliminate the large surface Ship.

according to the military experts, the complex "Zircon" several times increase combat capabilities not only of the cruiser " Admiral Nakhimov ", But also the entire fleet.

"The ship is waiting, because those missile Cruisers, which currently is," Peter the Great " And the Marshal Ustinov ", need to be strengthened. And If the "Admiral Nakhimov" will be armed with the " Zircon ", It will make his ship a special geopolitical importance, " - said before Last news the head of the Russian movement of support fleet captain 1st rank Mikhail Nenashev.

Before the renovation, "the main caliber" of the cruiser was Two dozen anti-ship missiles P-700 " Granit ", which beat 600 kilometers. These missiles have adopted in the early 1980s, And created them just to deal With the carriers.

From attacks From the air, "Admiral Nakhimov" was covered by anti-aircraft missile systems s-300F "Fort" And " OSA-M ", destroying all types of air targets at distances From five meters up To 150 kilometers.

Updated "Admiral Nakhimov" will get up To 80 missiles of various types, placed in universal launchers. The missiles "Caliber" of different modifications And supersonic anti-ship " Onyx "." Caliber "striking ground targets at a distance of about 2-and-a-half thousand kilometers, And "Onyx" is intended for the destruction of particularly large vessels.

The coverage will provide defense complexes "Fort-M" And " Pantsir-M ". Long-distance lines at distances up To four hundred kilometers will cover the latest System of air defense missile vertical launch complex " Polyment-Redoubt ".

in addition, it provided powerful antisubmarine armament. For example, the prospective set of "Response" that destroys the submarines of the enemy at a distance of a few tens of kilometers. A small torpedo at the Head of the military supplies the "Answer" is separated From the carrier after being hit in a given area And is looking for a submarine already on their own. The probability of hitting the target is closer to 90 percent.

Small defense complex "Package-NK" intended to fight submarines And enemy torpedoes. Induced on the target's own sonar in automatic mode. System klassificeret attacking torpedoes, determines the characteristics of their movement. A valid "Package-NK" in the near area defense ship - To ten kilometers.

Ex-Northern fleet commander Admiral Vyacheslav Popov said in a conversation With Last news that the Russian Navy will receive the most modern Ship From the position of strike weapons, radio equipment And air defense.

"In the Soviet And the new Russian time the ships of the project 1144 had And will have enormous significance for the Navy, - drew the attention of the Admiral.- Cruisers are designed to solve problems in long-range ocean area. Today, military strategy is based on the features most important strike weapons, airstrikes strike From long distances. If earlier in the foreground was a struggle specifically With missiles, it is currently more important to counter their media."

Mikhail Nenashev added that Russia needs at least four class ship " Nakhimov "." The Americans built accelerated pennants very fast - by 2030 They want to build another one-hundred-missile destroyers " Arleigh Burke "." Nakhimov " will close one of the gaps. And It's not some kind of expansion, we only restore parity, " He said.

According to the expert, the ability to update the cruiser will allow Russia to defend against the growing aggression of the United States, when Americans go out of treaties on arms limitation.

"With new missile systems, the Cruiser is able not only to destroy ground And sea targets, But also to shoot down missiles And satellites that threaten from space, - said Nenashev.- "Nakhimov" effectively closed down the country ocean areas. He's ready to heat a large surface targets over a thousand kilometers - only one Ship will change the strategic situation in which anyone region of the world. This is very important in the context of a new arms race, unleashed the United States."

Interviewed Last news experts agreed on the fact that "Admiral Nakhimov" will make the Russian fleet more balanced. With the commissioning of the cruiser of the Russian Navy will be able to solve any tasks in the interests of state security.

remember that the heavy nuclear missile Cruisers project 1144 "Orlan" began to develop in the USSR of the 1960s. the lead Ship was laid in 1973, And handed over to the Navy in 1980. Built four similar pennant." Eagles " is the only surface ships With nuclear power plant of the Russian Navy. They are considered the largest naval battle platforms in the world - most of them only carriers.

in the ranks Today, only the Cruiser " Peter the Great ". He will also go to upgrading after the end of the works on the " Admiral Nakhimov ". Two other ships - "Admiral Ushakov" And "Admiral Lazarev" - most likely, disposed of.

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Center Gamalei published instructions for use the Russian vaccine Gam-KOVID VAK (trademark "Satellite V" ). Last news familiar with the document.

20 of August, 15:04

Center Gamalei published instructions for use the Russian vaccine Gam-KOVID VAK (trademark "Satellite V" ). Last news familiar with the document.

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