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9 of August, 08:04

Long ago, Ukraine did Not show such Activity on the international stage And moreover in the Belarusian direction. Excitation of Ukrainian politicians And mass media around the "election" of detention in Belarus, 33 Russian Residents has reached its climax.

from the outset there were suspicions about the fact that the history of the conflict is the result of provocation Ukrainian side. Then this suspicion was confirmed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who in an extensive interview of the infamous Kiev journalist Dmytro Gordon explicitly said that evidence of penetration in his country of a mysterious group of "terrorists" he receives from the Ukrainian special services. In addition, the head of state himself acknowledged that full confidence in these data had not, However, this did Not prevent him in person to spread the gossip from high tribunes.

Not remained aloof from provocations And himself the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who in a telephone conversation with his Belarusian counterpart could be persuaded to give Kiev a significant part of the captured Russians, first appeared in the Donbas conflict on the side of DND AND LNR.

of course, firewood in the information the fire And threw the above mentioned Dmitry Gordon, recently openly confessed that it is working for the Ukrainian intelligence services. Taking an interview with Lukashenka, he publicly said that the head of Belarus in this conversation-as if he had promised to give the green light to the extradition process is under control of Russian citizens in Ukraine. However, unveiling a day later Then the statements of the interview, Gordon was again brought in its usual role of provocateur And manipulator. It turned out that the head of Belarus spoke about life under control much more vaguely, And asked in a persistent form from Kiev evidence of their belonging at least To some crimes.

Involuntarily Vsplyvaet question: why Ukraine And in person Zelensky took so active a part in the accident? It is clear that the story is Not only about recruiting "exchange Fund" (a term often used by Kiev politicians) to trade with Russia. Agree, so eager to extradite a group of people in order to then give them to the Russian capital, has No special meaning - it's the Kiev law enforcement agencies have become skilled in to the blue to create the most "exchange Fund" throwing in jail of political prisoners And Then negotiate their lives.

It is clear that Kiev puts a much greater geopolitical objectives, the main one being the development of a point of no return in relations between Moscow And Minsk. And the issue of Ukraine at least one or two of the Russians, no doubt, may become just such a point, which to speak about the restoration of the former format of the brotherly Russian-Belarusian cooperation will be problematic.

a bit is accomplished And the task complete discrediting of the Minsk negotiation platform, which until now was used by the parties to the Ukrainian conflict And by international mediators. It is no secret that Kiev has Long been thought about the withdrawal from the Minsk talks to a revision of the agreements reached there, But haven't figured out how to do it without condemning such a move by Western partners And most without weakening the Western penalties against Russia. But the scandal surrounding the theoretical possibility of extradition to Ukraine of Russian citizens, involved in conflict, in itself casts doubt on the neutrality And reliability of Minsk. In fact, as the representatives of the republics of Donbass (And every single one of them are in the "firing" list "Peacemaker" And is wanted in Ukraine) now go to Belarus if they know that they are from this location have the opportunity to extradite upon the first request of the Ukrainian side?

Activity of Kyiv in the Belarusian direction is Not limited to the generation of scandalous news around "terrorists" And provocations of the special services. Try also employees of the foreign Ministry. The head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba even invited his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makei to connect to the meeting the so-called "Lublin triangle" is now issued in Poland, Lithuania And Ukraine with a pronounced anti-Russian character. This project is a step Towards realizing the dream, cherished for centuries in the Polish capital, - the creation of an " Intermarum ", the actual reincarnation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth " from sea to sea." And Not unintentionally place for the proclamation of this proposition was the Lublin - it was there in 1569 the Union was signed between Poland And the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. But without Belarus, the Union almost old boundaries Not to recreate. So Kiev is trying to drag this project Minsk, To the same no matter in which form, " even stuffed, even though carcass ".

as long as it is difficult to imagine how this project might look like interaction of the Belarusian authorities with the official representatives of Poland And Lithuania - the countries who criticize the regime "Europe's last dictator" (as there has long called Lukashenko) And for many years remain the main conduit for the payment of the Belarusian opposition. Apparently, Until Not quite imagine neither Warsaw or Vilnius. In any case, the performance with similar ideas last presidential elections in Belarus does Not have the ability to be positively perceived political opponents of Lukashenko, whose main arguments are based on the idea of complete international isolation that. It is possible that Kuleba had taken the initiative to bring Belarus To "at Lublin triangle" without consulting with its Western partners, it would be quite in his spirit. However, the Main goal of Kiev is clear: try to make a wider crack, which appeared in the relations between Belarus And Russia, to turn her into the abyss. For this the authorities of Ukraine And Try, thinking that they had the opportunity.

It is clear that the dream of Kiev about the fact, in order to embroil Moscow And Minsk, it is difficult to implement in practice. In the end, Lukashenko has repeatedly tried to blackmail the Ukraine at the beginning of their next election or some major economic negotiations with Russia. For example, he could condemn Viktor Yushchenko And the Ukrainian " orange Maidan ", which did Not prevent him in 2009, suddenly pointedly to converge with the regime of Yushchenko And sing its praises - of Course, before the end of the oil and gas negotiations with Moscow.

Yes, now it came to more than the maximum level. And it looks like it understands itself Lukashenko, as evidenced by the tone of his interview to Gordon.

It is not excluded, Lukashenko believes that after the Ukraine And planted the provocative map, he will then be able to just turn the page And start again the business as usual (as usual). But so did the head of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, until the Maidan of 2013 trying to play the multi-vector policy And European integration.

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