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26 of September, 09:30

HAMAS refused from bombarding Israel zones The leader of HAMAS Mahmud al-Zahar declared on Sunday evening that his group would stop rocket bombardment of Israel zones from Gaz sector.He confirmed that HAMAS continued keeping armistice with Israel that was achieved during the meeting in Cairo between the leaders of Palestinian movements in spring 2005.

Al-Zahar said that the decision to stop attacks was connected with "desire of HAMAS to defend peaceful Palestinians from Israel aggression". Let us remind that on Sunday night the Army of Israel defence declared of beginning the operation "The first rain" in Sector in reply to bombardment by the rockets "Kassam".

At night the helicopters of Israel Defense Army stroke four aircraft blows in soldiers of Sector. As a result 4 soldiers of HAMAS were killed. Over 20 palestinians were wounded.

On the western bank of Jordan the soldiers of Israel Defense Army arrested 207 palestinians suspected in terrorism. Among deferred soldiers there was a leader of HAMAS sheikh Hasan Yusef.

The government of Israel declared that the operation "The first rain" would continue till complete stop of Israel zones. Meanwhile, the agency "Cursor" informs that not long before midnight one rocket was released in Israel city Sderot from Gaz sector .
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