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2 of April, 14:31

Nineteen Primorye survived the wreck of the trawler in the sea of Okhotsk
Nineteen residents of Primorye survived the wreck of the trawler "far East" in the sea of Okhotsk, informs the administration of the province.

Large Autonomous trawler "far East" sank in the sea area of 300 km from Magadan in the night on Thursday. In the cabin of the ship, inaccurate data, there were more than 80 citizens of Russia and 54 of the foreigner (42 citizen of Myanmar, 3 of the citizen of Latvia, four - Ukraine and five - Vanuatu). When the crash took his life at least 56 people.

"the results of the operational selector confirmed that the vessel was 41 primoretz. On inaccurate data, of them survived 19 people. As stated in the civil code of the Primorsky region on fire safety and civil defense, na-standing point, the data is still being determined, the list of survivors are formed, according to the report.

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