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30 of April, 21:31

Media: in Odessa will be hold at St. George During the may holidays, the Odessa police will detain Residents with St. George's ribbons, a Ukrainian magazine " referring to the message of the head of the regional Department of internal Affairs Ivan Katerynchuk.

a similar measure of recompense will be used and to the citizens in balaclavas, and both characters will be regarded as a provocation, said the Minister. In addition, on the Kulikovo field will be a ban on sound-amplifying equipment.

Katerynchuk gave advice to the residents of Odessa to go to multiple events, and " to spend the day with family, outdoors ", informs journal.

first, the organizational Committee on preparation and celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism in the European Union and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second world war made the initiative to apply in Ukraine, the red poppy, which is used in the European Union as a symbol of victory In world war II, instead of the St. George ribbons. In the past year in Kiev for the first time on the official European events was used the symbolism of the memory of the Second world war is the red poppy.

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