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5 of May, 12:30

Lavrov: Russia has hopes to discuss with Austria crisis situation in the world
Russia has hopes to discuss with Austria bilateral and international issues and exchange views on various crisis situations in the world, said the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S. V. Lavrov at the talks in the Russian capital with Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz.

The Russian Minister said that, according to the analysis of the Russian capital, the relationship between Russia and Austria are developing very positively, they are always based on mutual respect, takes into account the desires of one another, they are characterized by the lack of any serious issues."

at the same time Lavrov said a slowdown in the dynamics of contacts. Anyway, according to his statement, " they are developing and Federal level, at the level between the regions of Russia and Austria, among parliamentarians, relevant agencies, and We welcome it ".

"in addition to bilateral relations, We have always expressed interest in obgovarivaya with our Austrian colleagues European and international issues, as well as among them concerning the activities of the OSCE and the exchange of views on various crisis situations. Hope today We will discuss all these issues, " drew attention Lavrov.

"of course, now we have all heard the Ukrainian crisis. We will do everything to have been fully made by the Minsk consensus, " said the Russian Minister.

He also said that the situation in the middle East is developing " very negatively ", creating a direct threat to Europe.

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