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3 of July, 19:31

Poroshenko is waiting for approval by the COP of Ukraine of the draft changes to the Constitution
The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hopes that the country's constitutional court will approve the draft changes to the Constitution in terms of decentralization, and the Parliament in the autumn will adopt them.

Poroshenko yesterday gave consideration to the Verkhovna Rada a draft of changes to the main law of the country. On procedure the Parliament has to send the changes are first submitted to the constitutional court, and then for 2 sessions to approve them.

"I have a dream that in two weeks the Parliament will find the strength to vote for the implementation of these changes, the constitutional court will approve them, and we are able to autumn to take to the amendment of the Constitution, which will be the first revolutionary in respect of the distribution of power on the ground," - said Poroshenko in conversation on the last working day of the week.

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