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13 of July, 15:32

Matvienko: Mindcrime have done their job
The Ministry of Crimean Affairs has done its job, it can be safely abolished, said on the first day of the week in Simferopol, the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

The Ministry of Crimean Affairs was established on 31 March 2014 by Order of the President of the Russian Federation. Sources first of said Fins news that the decree concerning the destruction of Mindcrime prepared and placed on the signature of the President. Head of Department at Minkema confirmed that the Ministry is aware of the preparation of the relevant decree.

"today, the Ministry has fulfilled its function. In my opinion, it will be possible farewell. There WITZ-the Prime Minister Kozak Dmitry, who coordinates the work in the Crimea. In each Ministry, as a rule, one of the Vice-Minister deals with the problems in the Crimea. I think it would be right to abolish. But currently I'm expressing my opinion and don't know the position of the President ", - said Matvienko.

Crimea and located on the Crimean Peninsula Sevastopol became the Russian regions in March 2014 after a referendum in which over 90% voted for secession from Ukraine and reunification with Russia. The referendum was a reaction to the coup in Kiev in February 2014.

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