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3 of August, 22:02

Kharkov branch of "Opposition bloc" was denied registration
The justice Department in the Kharkiv region refused to register the regional organization of the Party " Opposition bloc, said on the first day of the week the head of the regional Department of justice Yury Georgievskiy.
"I have decided to refuse the registration of the regional organization of the Party" Opposition bloc ", ? the news Agency the words of St. George. George recalled that on 24 July Authorized Deputy from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin filed in the Office of the documents with 2 requirements. First ? note conclusion about stop the legal entity of the regional organization of the Party " Law and order ", which last year was renamed the " Opposition bloc ". Second ? take note and register the regional organization of Party " Opposition bloc ".
The Minister explained that the Office could not fulfill the Second requirement, because you are running the destruction of the regional organization of that political Party, and as long as it will not be completed in Accordance with applicable law, registration is not possible. According to his statement, the liquidation procedure will take More than 2 months, for this reason, the Opposition bloc will not have the opportunity to participate in the elections. George also said that the Management of four refused registration of the territorial organization of the "Opposition bloc" because of deficiencies in the documents submitted by the Authorised Party " Law and order ". For its part, the Opposition bloc said about the readiness to ignore local elections." We refer to all democratic countries and international organizations not to recognize the elections, which is not allowed opposing political force", - has told in the Party. Remember, in the centre Hurikova Monday riots were started after the meetings at the County courthouse on Sumskaya street, where on the first day of the week heard a case on the registration of the regional branch of the Opposition bloc. Authorized Mikhail Dobkin several times submitted documents, but the justice Ministry denied registration, indicating the number of observations. About 50 people in the shape with black and red stripes stormed the office of the former Party of regions. Unknown in balaclavas began to dismantle paving under construction near temple of the Holy myrrh-Bearers and throw in the house, and smashed parked near the office of the minibus. Later it was claimed that the battalion of special purpose of the Ministry of interior of Ukraine East building surrounded the office of the "Opposition Party" in Kharkov, where he barricaded unidentified, one of which was called as the assistant Deputy Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin. Later the young men who were in the Kharkiv office of the Opposition bloc, escorted to police stations. The events in Kharkiv qualified as " hooliganism with a use of weapons ", what happened on the first day of the week clashes in the city opened two criminal cases, said the Prosecutor's office of Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

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