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22 of September, 20:33

Kiev said about the intention to demand from Russia for the Crimea and the Donbass more than $ 50 billion
Kiev international courts will require Russia to compensate for the Crimea and the Donbass, the amount of claims will exceed $ 50 billion, said the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.
"We already know what compensation We will demand ", ? Klimkin said in the program "the Left coast" on Tuesday, talking about the claims that Ukraine had filed in international courts against Russia in connection With the annexation of Crimea and the situation in the Donbass, RIA " Novosti "." the story is about a billion-dollar sums. Besides billions to have the opportunity to be in different suits. I think the final amount for small claims may be in the order of their magnitude be equal to the "case of Yukos" (ex-Yukos shareholders in the Hague sued Russia 50 billion dollars) ", - has specified the Minister.
"We all thought. Even the Price of natural resources, including sand that We can't apply " ? Klimkin stressed. Thus the Minister has noticed that the receipt of such judicial decisions do not wait in the short term: "It is a matter of four to six years ", ? he said. In may, Deputy Minister of economic development of Ukraine Oleksandr Borovyk said that Russia should pay Ukraine 350 billion dollars in compensation for the destruction of the infrastructure of Donbass." at some point Russia will pay. We need to calculate, we must prepare and we need to lobby wherever possible ", ? he said. Kiev and the West have repeatedly accused the Russian Federation in the belonging to the conflict in the Donbass. Moscow's response is to say, not involved in the events in southeastern Ukraine, is not a party to domestic conflict and is interested in Ukraine overcame political and economic crisis. In the capital of Russia emphasize that all the charges against her are unproven. In Crimea on March 16 of last year held a referendum on the status of autonomy, more than 96% of participants who were in favor of joining region in Russia. March 21, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on ratification of the agreement on joining of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia and signed the decree about formation of the Crimean Federal district. Since mid-April last year, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine "special operation" to suppress the protest movement in the Donbass. Refers to a large number of dead and wounded among the civilian population and the destruction of houses and infrastructure. According to the UN at the end of August, the victims of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine began about 7, 9 thousand People, at least 17, 6 thousand Received damage to health.

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