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26 of September, 15:31

At the airports of Odessa and Kharkiv canceled the flights of Aeroflot and UIA
Several Moscow flights of "Aeroflot" and "Ukraine International airlines" (UIA) cancelled in Odesa and Kharkiv airports, According to the online Scoreboard on their websites.

according to the information received online Scoreboard Odessa airport, Ukraine international airlines has declared invalid two flights (arrival and departure) by message from Moscow to Odessa, who were in the schedule for the night of Saturday to Sunday. At the same time at this airport were other flights to Moscow. The scoreboard informs the Kharkiv airport, which cancelled the flight 3 flight to the capital of Russia and 3 arrival flight from the Russian capital to Kiev. All of these six serves of flights " Aeroflot ".

in the Kiev airports "Boryspil" and " Zhulyany ", According to the online Scoreboard on the websites of these airports canceled flights at all.

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the last working day of the week referring to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the decision to impose a Ban on flights of Russian airlines, as well as organizations among them "Aeroflot" and " Transaero ". However, it remained unclear what the full list received the detriment of the airlines, and that for them will be taboo. Later, the press Secretary of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine Kristina Nikolayeva said that the conclusion about the ban on flights to Ukraine and on transit of military cargo will affect all Russian companies from the sanctions list. The ban starts to work on October 25.

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