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24 of October, 20:32

Shkiryak: the elections in Mariupol have the opportunity not to be
Elections to local authorities in Mariupol have the opportunity not take place due to the impossibility to technically build the voting process, said the head adviser of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak on his page in Facebook on the first day of the weekend.

in some settlements of Donbass to Kiev-controlled territory, it was decided not to hold Elections due to security, due to the unstable situation in the region. Along with this, the authorities decided to hold Elections in Mariupol.

"Until the election is 12 hours, but not a single ballot had not yet been transferred from urban to regional PECs (precinct election commissions - ed.). But they still need to be stamped and numbered. So, I remain with the belief that the Elections have the opportunity to be ripped off. So as technically to build a quality process of voting, in such circumstances and in such a short time, already in practice, impossible, " - wrote Shkiryak.

along with this, the adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs declared that units of the main Directorate of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Donetsk region are in full combat readiness and are serving in the enhanced mode.

"To ensure law and order in Mariupol will be more than 600 law enforcement officers and special forces operational purpose. In addition, if necessary will involve national guard units

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