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26 of October, 14:01

Public figures of Ukraine told that the elections passed without any violations
Ukrainian activists have reported that Local elections in Ukraine, held on Sunday, passed without serious violations.

According to General Director "of the Department of voters of Ukraine" Oleksiy Purse, observers from the organization recorded more than 1, 5 thousand violations, most of which are minor.

"in General, we have every reason to say that, despite a number of technical procedural violations, despite some sporadic violations of the current law, in General, Local elections, if we talk about the day and election night vote counting, we have reason to talk about the fact that the elections were fair and meet the highest democratic standards ", - said the Purse at the press conference on the first day of the week.

the civil network "OPORA" told that Local elections in Ukraine took place with the failures of a number of international standards and good practices of organizing and conducting the electoral process.

"The main deviations related to the instability and uncertainty of the electoral law on certain important procedures, violations of the principle of equal conditions for candidates and equal weight mandate in the context of the electoral system, the lack of an adequate level of protection of ballots and the violations signs of bribery of voters. At the same time the civil network OPORA has noted that violations on the election day in most communities wore non-systemic in nature and mostly did not affect the result of the election or the counting of votes, and the campaign in General was competitive, " - said in the report.

Local elections were held in Ukraine on Sunday on the new electoral law. In small towns with population over 90 thousand people, the mayor was elected by a simple majority vote, and in large cities can be assigned to a second round if none of the candidates will be able to collect more than 50% of the vote. Regional, city and district councils elected under the proportional system with open lists. In the elections has not had the opportunity to participate blocks of political parties, the electoral threshold for parties is raised from 3% to 5%. The election will turnout. The results must be determined before November 4 and made public for five days, and in case of holding the 2nd round in the big cities - not later than November 20.

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