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27 of October, 19:33

Ukraine has received the American sniper rifle
Stocks sniper weapons Ukrainian security forces were replenished with small arms American Desert Tech (Desert Tactical Arms DTA), as well as among them, large-caliber rifles caliber 12, 7 mm.
The first deliveries of small arms, Desert Tech is in the interests of the national guard and the SBU launched in 2015, and the American Firm looks forward to a long partnership with Ukrainian customers, told "Interfax" Director of the Ukrainian commercial partner of the American organization ? LLC "Tactical systems" (Kyiv) Igor Ignatyev.
"The Ukrainian customer, among which also the hunters who offered sniper rifles in caliber 6, 5 to 12, 7 mm ", ? said Ignatiev. On 21 October the Ukrainian head Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine expects in November, the proceeds of radar station (RLS) of counter from North America. On the subsequent day it was announced that these systems have been modified, according to American bureaucrats, to prevent possible use against Russia. October 4, Poroshenko said that North America has decided to give Kiev a fresh defensive weapons. On 14 September the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again raised the issue of supplying his country with Western weapons. The speech, According to the Ukrainian leader, is only about defensive weapons systems. On September 3 Poroshenko asked the United States on the future assistance of the APU, having discussed the matter with the co-chair of the division on the armed forces of the U.S. Senate Jack reed. For example, he drew attention to " the importance of US assistance in training the Ukrainian military ". On 2 September the Secretary of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov tried to convince the US to unlock the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine. Total U.S. military aid to Kiev, including armored vehicles and anti-artillery radars is determined in 200 million dollars.

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