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28 of October, 15:33

Putin: no country can fight the crime alone
No state is able effectively to Fight crime single-handedly, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting with heads of special services of the CIS countries.
"To fight effectively organized crime, crime alone now effective no one is able ", - noted the head of the country, transfers news Agency.
Putin added that " threats to our States do not become less, but has the ability to be, you could even say that they, these problems, worse. Together with the traditional and add fresh "." We are aware of the situation in Afghanistan, the middle East, "added he, RIA" Novosti ". First on Wednesday, Putin said that the militants are trying to apply middle East and North Africa in the form of springboard for the destabilization of other countries. For his part, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov said that Residents from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and countries of Central Asia consist of about 10 members of the "Islamic state" gangs. All in all, according to him, in the ranks of the "Islamic countries" fighting immigrants from more than 100 countries. The proportion of such mercenaries is 40%. Last week Putin said that the militants, creating in the Syrian Arab Republic a foothold, make plans for expanding the expansion and destabilization of entire regions. In addition, according to him, the operation in the Syrian Arab Republic expressed agreement the readiness of Russia to adequately and effectively respond to any hazard, and among them a terrorist. Remember, September 30 aircraft of Air and space forces of Russia at the request of the President of the Syrian Republic Assad began conducting air operations with the application of point strikes on is positions. On 5 and 6 October missile ships of the Caspian fleet fired 26 rockets with wings sea accommodation in eleven goals in the Syrian Arab Republic, all targets successfully struck.

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