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28 of October, 16:30

The Supreme court will check the legality of the verdict Director Sentsova
Russia's Supreme court on 24 November will see the appeal against the sentence of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsova and the defendant in the case, Alexander Kolchenko, said Last news lawyer Svetlana Sidorkina.

The North Caucasus district military court in the last month of summer passed sentence Sentsov to 20 years in prison. Kolchenko received 10 years of imprisonment.

"The Supreme court will see the appeal of Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko on the verdict on November 24 10. 30. To be transported to court will not ensure a video, " said Sidorkin. Confirmation of the information from the court of Last news until lacks.

Two helper of the case - Alexey Chirniy and Gennadiy Afanasyev - received 7 years of imprisonment.

By assumption the investigation, the created Sentsov in Crimea a terrorist community, which is a structural subdivision is prohibited in the Russian Federation movement " Right sector ", to the exit of the Peninsula from Russia. According to the SC, the accused between April and may 2014 in Simferopol, set fire to the offices of the public organization "Russian community of Crimea" and the local branch of the party " United Russia ". The defendants were also charged in the attempt to organize a may 9, 2014 the explosion of the monument to Lenin in Simferopol.

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