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29 of October, 10:03

Simonyan has ruled out a ban on the broadcasting of RT in USA
Chief editor RT Margarita Simonyan said that her TV channel is Not afraid of freezing of assets in connection with the Yukos case and the broadcasting ban in the U.S., which tried to persuade former assistant Secretary of state David Kramer.
"We are Not fools, We do Not have in practice any property in the United States. We assumed such a scenario in advance and attended to legal security, "Simonyan told in interview" news ".
in her expressions, " in the United States have too much respect for the principle of freedom of expression to impose a ban on the television channel, even if they consider it harmful and dangerous."" So call Kramer to close us under any pretext - is or private initiative, or freedom of expression became a little less respect ", - said Simonyan. Recall, last weekend in the U.S. capital was held a Rally "for freedom of speech, against the Russian imposing" aimed against the Russian TV channel RT. The participants of the rally, which was first only four, but later became one and a half times more (i.e., six), he wanted to obtain from the government at least add RT to the list of foreign agents, as the maximum ? to stop broadcasting the channel because " RT ? a terrible instrument of the Russian imposing that helps the Russian government to lie and to influence the minds of American citizens and Europeans ". The rally and would remain a funny curiosity, if Not a noteworthy coincidence. In a reputable local newspaper the Washington post was posted a presentation entitled " the West should hit Putin's PR machine ". The Creator of the article ? member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of McCain, head of programmes in the field of human rights and democracy David Kramer. In his vision, " Putin, the head of one of the most corrupt and thieving regimes in the world, for the last time seized the initiative on the international arena-from Ukraine to Syria, while at the same time, Western leaders, among them the head of Obama, is taking a passive and defensive position "." Isn't it time to go on the offensive (Not in the sense of fighting, of course), ? asks Kramer ? and upset Putin, and at the same time to cover up his vile propaganda office? Now I'll tell you how to do it ". Review of head of programmes in the field of human rights, States are obliged simply to imprison the property of the RT in the enforcement of court decisions on the claims of the Yukos shareholders.

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