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30 of October, 12:17

The Zita was buried in his native village of Western Late in the evening of October 29, died Zita Rezahanova - 1 of separated twins, which became popular worldwide due to successfully carried out the operation. She was buried in his native village in the Western suburbs of Bishkek for a farewell ceremony gathered family and villagers.

Zita and Gita Rezahanova - one of the few in the world successfully separated Siamese twins. They are long enough after surgery to be healthy. The girls were divided at the Filatov hospital in Moscow in 2003. In early October 2015 the sisters turned 24, but one of them - the Moment is to survive until the 25th anniversary was not meant to be.

Health condition of the girls began to deteriorate in 2011. 1 after another began to refuse to internal organs, despite the fact that Zita was under the supervision of the capital's best healers. In early August, the family decided to return to Kyrgyzstan. All last week the doctors were in constant contact with the girl's mother, Zita the condition was evaluated as highly severe.

She was taking lots of pain meds, have any of stress ulcer, complicated by bleeding. Late in the evening of October 29, Zita died, and October 30, occurred the funeral, came the whole village in the Western suburbs of Bishkek. "The funeral was modest, a quiet environment. Usually came from relatives and neighbors of the family. There were a lot of reporters, even domestic", - quotes RIA Novosti adept of the Ministry of health of Kyrgyzstan Elena Baialinov. Private condolences to the family of the twins showed the mufti of the Russian Federation and performing the direct duties of the Minister of health of Kyrgyzstan.

Information on causes of death of the girl varies. So, according to her treating health worker Lancer Nuralieva, it happened due to multiple organ failure. Elena calls Bayalinov other reasons. "Zita was the sepsis is the result of the operation, which was made a few years ago in Georgia", - quotes its Agency Sputnik. She recalled also that the woman suffered for a long time and almost did not get up from the bed.

Siamese twins Zita and Gita Rezahanova were born in 1991. Girls were divided in 2003 in the Moscow hospital named after Filatov. The specificity of the intervention was that the twins - esophagi. This is a fairly rare type of conjoined twins: they had a 3 foot for two, a shared pelvis and a bladder that needed to be split. For the first time in the history of medicine the doctors managed to save the life of both twins.
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