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30 of October, 16:31

Warehouse on fire in Ukraine is localized, the number of wounded is set
The fire at the warehouse of ammunition within the boundaries of the Ukrainian city of Svatovo of the Luhansk region broke out on Thursday night, according to Ukrainian rescuers the fire area has reached 9 thousand square meters. In connection With the fire at the warehouse started to explode ammunition, damaged about 30 dwelling houses. As of Friday morning, a Fire in the warehouse turned out to be localized, firefighters began To extinguish.

according to the Ukrainian authorities, the fire started at about 20. 00 (21. 00 Moscow time). The initial area of the fire, according to Deputy Chairman of civil-military administration of Luhansk oblast Yuri Klimenko allegedly amounted to 300 by 300 meters. According to his statement, on fire the warehouse contained more than 3, 5 thousand tons of ammunition.

The city government started To deliver to a safe place population Svatovo on Thursday evening, residents left the city in the morning on the last working day of the week. According to the state service for emergency situations (SSES), Svatove already managed to leave five thousand people from about 20 thousand inhabitants of the city. For protection were organized in the elementary shelters And shelters in the basement. Employees of the interior Ministry had cordoned off the area around the perimeter And established access control.

in gschs declared that as 12. 30 (13. 30) most of the city remains without electricity And gas supply, water supply is difficult. In addition, local residents received 58 complaints about the discovery of explosives within the city.

place of the event, created by the staff for destruction of emergency, which includes Authorized the state emergency service, Ministry of interior, Ministry of defense, Ministry of health And local authorities. Now Svatovo is divided into fifteen sectors, where there are operational groups who carry out the examination site for detection And neutralization of explosive devices And an initial assessment of destruction And damages of buildings.

Rescuers managed to localize the fire, but to proceed to the suppression they were able only in the morning. Firefighters also had to extinguish local fires that were started in the end of fall of the projectiles or their fragments.

"as a result of scattering of ammunition at night broke out of the local fires. Forces brigades state emergency service, military departments managed to localize And suppress. 08. 00 (09. 00 GMT) events were initiated to extinguish the fire at the Arsenal. 3 fire involved the tank of the Ukrainian armed forces. The patrols SSES provide filling of tanks with water, " - said the press service of the military-civil administration in the Luhansk region. To the destruction of the extraordinary events in total of 898 persons used And 169 pieces of different mechanisms.

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has made the initiative of the Ukrainian side assistance in the destruction of the consequences of the event, said about the readiness to deploy special aviation equipment, but Kiev until not followed." EMERCOM of Russia is ready without delay to send to the victim the territory of modern aircraft, as well as experts And rescuers With necessary equipment for works on fire extinguishing And organization of the ground support of aviation, " - said in the letter from the Minister to the head of gschs of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkina.

besides, by results of examination specialists, liquidation of consequences of emergency events may take a few more days." Need to be prepared For the fact that this situation will continue to evolve And the rockets will continue to explode for quite a long time, maybe three to five days. And to collect them will be approximately in a radius of five to seven kilometers, "- said a military expert Sergey Grabski in broadcast television channel " 112 Ukraine ".

The local government has allocated 10 million hryvnia (about 436, 6 thousand dollars on techmeme the rate of NBU) on liquidation of consequences of state of emergency And victim assistance.

Final data regarding the number of received damage as a result of the explosion until the present time there is no conflicting information was received throughout the night. According to the Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak, in the end PE lost their lives 2 persons And another three were injured. The deaths of two people confirmed by the authorised administration of the President of Ukraine on the issues of special operations Andrei Lysenko, according to him, in the end of the event died one military And one civilian citizen of the city. For its part, the Ukrainian General staff informs that died 1 citizen, And five received damage, four of them military.

along With this, according to the messenger press centre of the fighting in the Luhansk region Ruslan Tkachuk, one woman died, and the damage to health has received 8 people: four soldiers And four civilians.

An interdepartmental Committee, which was established to understand the cause of the emergency event, established that the fire started due to the start-up signal rockets from outside the warehouse. The explosion on the enterprise From the beginning was resolved by the security Service of Ukraine as an act of terrorism, but in fact the events of the criminal proceedings.

along With this, According to the head of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration George Tukey, " currently being studied in two versions - act of terrorism And careless handling of fire ".

for its part, the head adviser of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak said that the police so far have no suspects in the case.

for its part the people's militia self-proclaimed LNR has declared that has no relation To the incident With the fire at the warehouse.

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