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1 of November, 13:03

Korban was detained by the commander stormed the House of trade unions on the Maidan group
Operation on detention of leader of the party "Dill" Gennady Korban and searches of the offices of the party in Dnepropetrovsk was held by the commander of the group who participated in the storming of the House of trade unions on the Maidan, said the chief editor of the edition " Censor. NO " Yury Butusov.
according to him, the operation in Dnipropetrovsk was headed by the General security service Valery Devils, who on 18 February 2014 he commanded one of the assault groups, who seized the trade unions building.
He also in April 2014 led the dialogue with the commander of the battalion "East" Alexander Khodakovskiy, and independence Day on August 23 was awarded the President of Ukraine the title of major General, wrote Butusov on his page in Facebook." emphasized that the detention and searches in Dnipropetrovsk on October 31 left the armored cars "Cougar" with the machine guns, which are not often seen on the front, and vans "alpha" with the Donetsk rooms. It turns out that the operation was carried out the 8th running of the Center for special operations battle crime as "alpha" under the command of Deputy chief of the CSD Valeria Shaitan ", - wrote Butusov. According to him, the group of Shaitan is based in the Donetsk region, it's their machines ? " in other offices there is NO such thing ". Remember, the security Service of Ukraine and the chief Prosecutor's office on 31 October confirmed the arrest of the leader of the party "Dill" Gennady Korban in Dnepropetrovsk, who is suspected of organization and leadership of the illegal group. The leader of the Ukrainian Radical party, Oleg Lyashko in response tried to convince them to unite against the "dictatorship of Poroshenko" and threatened the President with impeachment.

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