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2 of November, 15:03

Official authorized the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Elena Alekseeva has revealed the fact of detention of participants of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion "Azov" and announced the seizure of a large consignment of weapons belonging to the gang of nationalists.
"Operatives of the Bureau of criminal investigation of MIA of Russia together with colleagues from HOPE the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, ESD internal Affairs Directorate in the southeastern administrative area of the city the capital of Russia and FSB of Russia conduct their investigation during the investigation of criminal case about illegal circulation of weapons ", ? according to news Agency the message Alexeeva.
in her expressions, within the limits of the Russian capital and the Metropolitan region conducted 12 searches at addresses of suspects, most of whom are supporters of the radical nationalist views. According to operational data, they maintained close contact with members of the battalion "Azov" the National guard of Ukraine." Seized over fifteen of the pistols and revolvers of various calibres, more than 150 rounds of ammunition, two shotguns, two rifles, smoke grenades, the main parts to military weapons, melee weapons, 300 grams of narcotic substances ", - has explained Alekseeva. The band, in her expressions, received from the territory of Ukraine of non-lethal traumatic weapon type, signal pistols, accessories and spare parts, which were independently altered under shooting by fighting cartridges." in the future the weapons sold. In addition, according to reports, the group also planned to carry out violent actions in the regions outside of Moscow that were prevented because of the actions of the police ", - has told the Official representative of the MIA of Russia. On the first day of the week the media said that the Employees of the FSB and the Bureau of criminal investigation of MIA of Russia tied 10 participants of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion " Azov ", which illegally imported and sold in the Russian Federation weapons and the proceeds were sent to Ukraine to pay for the activities of the group. Battalions " Azov ", " Aidar ", " Donbass ", "Dnepr-1" and "Dnepr-2" financed by the oligarch and former Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky, against whom in Russia prosecuted under the criminal code according to the paragraph " use of prohibited means and methods of warfare ". Remember also that on 31 October the security service of Ukraine (SBU) and the chief Prosecutor's office agreed the arrest in Dnipropetrovsk ally of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, leader of the party "DILL" Gennady Korban, who is suspected of organization and leadership of the illegal group. Later the Official representative of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya reported that in the offices of the party "DILL" discovered weapons and more than $ 3 million.

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