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2 of November, 15:49

New drug can cure hepatitis C in 3 weeks A new drug, can rapidly neutralize the hepatitis C virus, was invented by Chinese and American researchers in Hong Kong. To save from disease and to withdraw all traces of the virus in the body the drug is able in just 3 weeks.

Opening of professionals from Hong Kong - a real breakthrough in medicine. It is not just a cure from a dangerous disease, but also does it in a fairly short time: only 3 weeks to neutralize the virus and eliminate results with 100% guarantee.

Not to mention the fact that medication can also reduce the cost of treatment. At the moment the price of treatment for hepatitis C is about 100 thousand dollars. With all that sick during the year, must take a lot of substances, and it's still not a guarantee of healing.

Testing a new medication will begin in the near future, says "360 suburbs". We add that the hepatitis C is considered a viral disease from which there is no vaccine.

It is called "gentle killer" because its symptoms resemble signs of other diseases and to detect hepatitis without special test at an early stage is unlikely. Hepatitis C often affects young people, but the "age" of infection gradually increases.

Currently more than 170 million people in the Land affected by chronic hepatitis C. Each year infected three to four million people. The disease leads to death due to cirrhosis or liver cancer.
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