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3 of November, 13:58

The driver was dragged under the bottom of the corpse In the Murmansk region, the local inhabitants became eyewitnesses of terrible pictures. The driver of the car, suspecting nothing, was dragged under the bottom of the body. Now, the unpleasant events working operative group, clarified all the circumstances of the incident.

In the town of Apatity, Murmansk region, the local inhabitants saw that the underside of the passing cars dragged the corpse, informs LifeNews. The driver recognizes that said a heavy machine running, but never even thought about the cause of failure. According to his statement, he felt that the thing had manual brakes.

According to reliable information the police, the body of an unknown man was dragged thus over a kilometer until he was stopped by passers-by and other motorists, showing the signals. Typical auto defects are not found.

On a place work operative group. Use Jack's body was retrieved from under the car. The accident is being investigated.

Even more shocking event happened in late October of this year. Employees of the international airport of Israel found in Luggage arriving from Russia, the corpse of an elderly lady. In the box were no supporting documents that would allow us to establish the identity of the deceased, no papers traditionally required for shipment of the body and its burial.

Employees of the air port took a few hours to find family members grandmother. How did you manage to find out, her family could not know about the rules of transportation of bodies and goods sent as a simple Luggage. During conversation found out: the crime in this story is not.
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