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3 of November, 14:53

Merkel hinted about the war in the Balkans German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concerns about the migration crisis in Europe. According to her statement, if the powers of the EU to close borders for refugees in the Balkans will start armed incidents.

Speaking at a conference in Darmstadt, German Chancellor Angela Merkel again wanted to defend its own policies against migrants. She warned that closing borders to refugees EU member States will be completed by armed conflicts in the Balkans, tells The Local.

"I don't want a military incident became the final situation", - declared the politician. The Chancellor has told us that is built on the border of Hungary and Serbia fence only "will increase the a fault line". Given the view of Merkel, Germany as a major power of Europe should find a solution to the problem, which would lead to solidarity between countries rather than to contradictions. "I am sure we can achieve it," she said.

Remember that the growing migration crisis has seriously damaged the reputation of German Chancellor, who advocated vigorous support of refugees. Seeing that Merkel can not cope with the problem of migrants in their own country, European partners have begun to turn away from her.

The idea of the Chancellor on the distribution of refugees across the 28 States of the EU not found. Favorites of a number of States, for starters, Eastern European, were strongly against such initiatives and have worked to shift the gravity of the issue in official Berlin. Countries in the Middle East, where temporary camps for migrants, also don't expect to keep them.
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