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6 of November, 06:30

EBRD worsened the forecast of increase of economy of Kazakhstan for 2015
Michael Egorin. The European Bank for restoration and development (EBRD) has lowered its forecast of increase of Kazakhstan's GDP in 2015 to 1, 2% compared with 1 5% projected in may, according to a published economic forecast.

The growth of economic indicators of Kazakhstan in 2016, according to the current forecast EBRD, will amount to 1, 5%, while in may the Bank had expected a 2 per cent increase.

"Growth in Kazakhstan, the region's largest economy, very quickly slowed because of the crash of oil prices and to a lesser extent due to a negative impact on Russian manufacturers of the influx of cheap imports from Russia, as well as negative investment sentiment due to the Russian-Ukrainian fall ", - stated in the publication.

EBRD, " challenging external economic environment and growing domestic pressure will continue to affect Kazakhstan in 2016, during which Growth is assumed at level 1, 5% ". The inflation rate in 2015, the EBRD is expected at level 6, 8%.

in General, in Central Asia in 2015, according to the EBRD analysis, the Growth of economic indicators will develop at level 3, 8% compared with 6% in the past year.

"Although Usually for 2015 Growth expected to be 3, 8%, and in 2016 will reach 3, 9%, these rates are much below the safe average of 6% real growth of GDP was recorded in 2014. The main obstacle to the increase were two factors: the recession in Russia and the low prices of commodities ", - specialists of the Bank.

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