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7 of November, 02:01

The lawyer of the detained in Ukraine Russian Yerofeyev complained of danger
The lawyer Oksana Sokolovsky said that the Unidentified attacker asked in a persistent form to abandon it to protect the Russian Evgeny Erofeev, who was detained in Ukraine.
"Today I was served a message about me committing a criminal offense under article 397 of the criminal code. This morning, an Unidentified citizen notified me about the necessity of refusal of protection Erofeev. Otherwise, criminal prosecution and the destruction of my property. It is without physical impact ", - she said in Facebook.
"At once the conclusion came by itself. The government does not disdain methods of Yanukovych. Although I have a feeling that the law school were at least idea in life. The current leadership of the principles and concepts of morality and honor are missing completely ", - she said." Colleagues, when the valiant police will move from words to action, announced. Understand one thing, not the legal profession to live in the reality of leveling the rights and ignoring the law and pressure on lawyers, " - said the lawyer.

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