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11 of November, 12:33

Authorized OSCE, SCCC and the Ministry of defence DND arrived in Staromikhaylovka
Observers of the OSCE and the Joint center for control and coordination (SCCC) ceasefire in Donbass, together with representatives of the Ministry of defence self-proclaimed Donetsk arrived in the area of the shelling in the village Staromikhaylovk, located on the Western outskirts of Donetsk, reports journalist Last news .

On Tuesday a source in law enforcement bodies of the DPR said that the Ukrainian Military fired from mortars the territory of Donetsk airport for nine hours. The fire began on the first day of the week in the evening. Later authorized the Ministry of defence DND said Last news that the Military began after the break Shelling of the airport and Spartak village.

now Authorized SCCC and the OSCE are engaged in the examination of the scene of the fire.

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